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Peace Corps Resume Example and Writing Tips

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If you join the Peace Corps, you are in for a challenging few years. Of course, if you make it, you’ll agree it is all worthwhile. Members of the Peace Corps receive a generous stipend, learn valuable skills, and travel to learn about other cultures. It’s even possible to defer student loans during your time in the Corps. Then there’s the most important part of joining the ranks —serve others while you grow as a person.

To earn your spot, you’ll have to make it through a very rigorous application process. Part of that includes presenting a compelling resume. So buckle up! We are going for a quick field trip into the resume writing world with the last stop being our detailed Peace Corps resume example.

Use The Required Qualifications Listing

Every volunteer job opening at the Peace Corps is accompanied by a detailed job listing. It includes the education, skills, and work experience you are required to have. Read the summary very carefully. Essentially, it tells you exactly what to include in your resume. 

In fact, use the original job post as a guide to ensure that you have highlighted all the required core competencies in your resume. Also, you should use the exact words and phrases — keywords — from the job post in your resume to tick all the right boxes with the applicant tracking system

Emphasize Professionalism

Peace Corps isn’t your average volunteer position. The organization invests a significant amount of training, time, and money into each volunteer. So it isn’t enough to simply show an interest, and claim you want to make a difference in the world. You have to exhibit your professionalism right from the start.

You can begin by ensuring that your resume is impeccably edited. Remember that even one misspelling is too much. Read through the document carefully. Have a friend do so as well.

Next, make the document as attractive and easy to read as possible. Consider using a professional resume template. This way you know that your layout and formatting will be ideal for readability. The reader will also appreciate that you’ve presented them with something skimmable and to-the-point. 

Be Specific

The more detailed you are about your skills and experience the better. For example, if you have experience as a foreign language tutor, don’t write ‘ESL Tutor’. Instead, write ‘TOEFL certified instructor in English, French, and Mandarin.’ If you have healthcare experience, replace ‘2 years experience working in healthcare’ with ‘Provided vaccinations, drawn blood, and taught community health courses in low-income areas’. 

List of Other Full-Time Volunteer Experience in The Work Session

Have you worked with Americorps, Teach For America, FEMA Corps, or taken on another full-time volunteer experience? If so, include that in the work experience portion of your resume. It will be helpful for the person reviewing your application to see that you understand the rigors of service work and that you are willing to dedicate yourself full time to an important service undertaking. Whatever you do, don’t bury this experience in some other section of your resume.

Follow The Instructions to The Dot 

The application process can vary according to the specific type of position you are pursuing. Peace Corps Response volunteers are professionals with specific skills who are sent to places to meet very specific needs. Standard volunteers commit for a longer period of time and may be dispatched to meet various needs. 

There is a specific online application process for each of these. This includes uploading and submitting your resume. It’s important that you select the correct option, and follow all instructions to the letter.

Resume Sample for Peace Corps (Word version)

peace corps resume sample for Word

Download resume example (.docx)

Peace Corps Resume Example (text version)

Professional Summary

Passionate environmentalist and farming educator with a Bachelor’s degree in Organic Agricultural Systems who have obtained two years of experience operating a medium-scale farming operation, and significant experience educating others in sustainable farming methods. Interested in pursuing a volunteer opportunity as an Agroforestry Volunteer with the Peace Corps. 

Work Experience

Assistant Farm Manager
Goshen Organics
July 2018 to Present

  • Managed growing operations of 175 acres of tilled land.
  • Orchard management.
  • Soil testing and monitoring.
  • Irrigation systems design and repair.
  • Training and managing CSA volunteers.

Community Education Volunteer
Tampa Farmers Market And CSA
April 2017 to July 2018

  • Designed and presented classes to community members on sustainable gardening, produce selection, and cooking.
  • Led farmer’s market tours.
  • Prepared and distributed CSA boxes.
  • Coordinated with local farmers and educators.


Bachelor of Science
University of Washington
Organic Agricultural Systems
Minor: Agricultural Education
Graduation Date: June 2017
President: Future Farmers of America 2016–2017
3.9 GPA
Member University Agribusiness Association

Associate of Applied Science
Washington State Community College
Restoration Ecology/Horticulture
Graduation Date: August 2015


  • Organic pesticide application
  • Soil analysis
  • Permaculture approaches
  • Ability to operate basic hand tools and agricultural equipment.
  • Poultry management 
  • Urban And Rooftop Gardening
  • Sustainable planting

Volunteer Work

Have completed more than 25 hours of volunteer work at the following:

  • Seattle Animal Rescue
  • Washington State Habitat For Humanity
  • Northwest Ecological Restoration Center
  • The Urban Garden Foundation

Final Thoughts: Don’t Provide References Upon Request

If you’ve been adding the phrase, ‘Will provide references upon request’, you should consider leaving this off entirely. Of course, you need to prepare good personal reference letters, as well as letters of recommendation (yup, those are two different things!). The hiring authority will ask you to provide these at some point in the hiring process. So there’s no need to add this or other ‘fluff’ to your resume.


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