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Ocean Breeze – Premium Resume Package

Premium Resume Pack

Welcome to the brand new Premium Resume Template Package series! We have got something very special for you. A whole new batch of outstanding resume templates built with clean designs on a flexible framework, and much more besides!

We are pleased to offer you our Ocean Breeze Package – the first in a new and exclusively designed premium template pack for our customers. Our creative team have put together a professional resume pack that offers you everything you will need to present your skills to your next potential employer.

Each premium resume pack includes:

  • A professionally designed and striking resume template in Word format (US letter size)
  • A matching cover letter in Word format to go with your resume
  • A job interview tracker in print-ready PDF format

Ocean Breeze resume pack

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Our Ocean Breeze Resume Package offers an innovative and clean look that will complete your next resume submission with great style. It includes all the sections you will need to create and deliver all of your key information at first glance. The design gently guides the eye down the page and highlights each section clearly for easy reading.

The matching cover letter template has all sections you need to introduce your resume as well as round off your application and together they act as a great showcase for all of your skills.

job interview trackerOur inclusion of a job interview tracker will enable you to keep an easy visual record of your job application progress. You simply add your relevant information onto the sheet to keep track of the jobs you have applied for, important dates and contact details. This can help you see at a glance when your next interview is scheduled for and who is going to interview you etc. A very handy memory jogger and invaluable tool for your job search activities!

You can save your resume template and cover letter in Word and it will always be there ready for you to edit and amend should you need to tweak it again in future while applying for different jobs or adding new skills, qualifications or work experience. Nothing could be simpler! Buy your resume template today.

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