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The word “assistant” implies that you take a supporting role on the marketing team. In reality, however, marketing assistants are the key players. Depending on the company, you may be asked to help with anything from conference event planning and PR support to affiliate campaign management or editorial planning. In other words: You can learn a lot about different marketing processes before selecting your ultimate “specialization”. 

To succeed in this role, you have strong organizational skills. After all, other people will count on you on many occasions, and you should never let them down if you want to move to a more lucrative position.

Therefore, your cover letter should present you as a proactive, enthusiastic team player, ready to jump straight into the action. Below we provide a sample marketing assistant cover letter you can use as a reference, paired with extra writing tips. 

Marketing Assistant Cover Letter Example (Word) 

cover letter example for a marketing assistant

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Marketing Assistant Cover Letter Sample (plain text) 

Hi Games Hobbies & More Team,

My name is Vera Watters. I am writing to express interest in the position of marketing assistant at your company (Job ad reference number #0003). 

Presently, I’m employed as a marketing assistant at BGI studios. As you know, we are the largest independent developer of board and card games on the East Coast. The work I do includes market research, reviewing campaign analytics data, writing social media content, and online event coordination.

My last event of international gamers attracted over 20K viewers to the livestream, plus secured coverages with Leisure Magazine, Gaming Incs, and numerous industry influencers. Within a month after the campaign, the website traffic increased by 30% and sitewide sales jumped by 5%. 

In addition to three years of marketing experience, I have an associate’s degree in marketing with an emphasis on digital marketing. I have also completed several certification programs in social media management and SEO from HubSpot in 2021-22 to further expand my skillset. 

I’m very excited about the opportunity to work in the retail side of gaming and hobbies. Your company has done some groundbreaking things in the past year, particularly your revamp of the Galaxies and Gremlins series.

I look forward to meeting with you soon. My schedule is very flexible for interviews. Would it be okay if I followed up in a week?


Vera Watters

How To Write a Marketing Assistant Cover Letter

Your cover letter is the first touchpoint between you and a prospective employer. As such, it should be focused on increasing their awareness of your skillset and qualification, plus providing them with good reasons to consider you over other candidates. Then go for a final call-to-action to foster a conversion aka call you in for a job interview. 

Use these tips to create an effective “sales funnel” for your candidacy within your cover letter. 

Open With a Strong Introduction

Introductions are important as they are what compels the manager to actually read through your cover letter. Your opening lines should always relate to yourself and the company. 

Briefly introduce yourself and mention which job you are after. Follow specific instructions in the job ad (if there are any). With that out of the way, move on to the good stuff: Your key sales points. Talk about your core skills, recent project results, relevant education, and past work experiences. 

Ultimately your cover letter introduction should hook the reader into reading the entire document. 

Highlight a Selection of Your Skills

Our sample marketing assistant cover letter prominently highlighted the candidate’s skills but also contextualized them through an example (a successful online event). Use the same strategy: Illustrate how your skills and education make real-world outcomes happen.

For example, instead of just stating that you know “market research”, briefly explain what techniques you use to create market trend forecasts or predict top-selling items. Contextualize your skills to stand out from the rest.

Provide Examples of Your Achievements

As some may say the proof is in the pudding. “Bragging rights” are great, but you need to also provide evidence of your accomplishments or people will question them.  Don’t be afraid to talk through your process and admit the early setbacks. 

For example, you may have been asked to produce a short video for social media, but found that you used an incorrect hashtag. But rather than scrap the video you used editing software to combine it with another failed video, and put together one that became a viral sensation. Of course, if you don’t have any achievements yet you can always talk about your education and how you succeeded in your learning assignments. 

Final Tip: Show Your Soft Side 

Marketing is a “people’s” profession. To succeed in this industry, you need to have strong strong interpersonal skills and high emotional intelligence. Not only you are marketing to people (and need to understand their rationale for buying), but you are also supporting a lot of other professionals in their projects. Therefore, most employers look for assistants with strong soft skills. Sprinkle in some both in your cover letter and resume.


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