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Legal Assistant Cover Letter: Example, Advice, and Tips

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A legal assistant or paralegal works with an attorney and their clients to deliver extra administrative services. They may interview clients, complete certain documents, or do legal research. Some law firms hire legal assistants without degrees. Others expect staff to complete professional certifications or complete an associate’s degree. So always read the job description carefully. 

But if you’ve already found a good match, your next step is to prepare a compelling cover letter. To help you out, we are including this legal assistant cover letter example. We have also provided you with multiple writing tips.

Legal Assistant Cover Letter Example (Word version)

legal assistant cover letter sample

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Sample Legal Assistant Cover Letter (text version)

Dear Marvin Little, Esq:

My name is Lydia Cruz and I’m writing this letter in response to the job ad for the position of junior legal assistant at Little, Jones, and Bradford Attorneys at Law. I learned of this position through Legal Jobs Today. After reviewing the set criteria for this job as well as the required duties, I am confident that I would excel as your firm’s newest legal assistant.

In 2021, I’ve graduated from the Paralegal Studies program at City College. I have an Associate of Applied Science along with a certification in Legal Studies. During my time in the program, I maintained a 4.0 GPA, was an active member of the Association of Legal Professionals and opted to study for an extra year to take courses in legal advocacy for the disadvantaged.

In addition to my studies, I have completed a four-month internship with the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Pennsylvania. I was very fortunate to work with this excellent organization. While I was there, I was able to apply what I learned at City College by:

  • Conducting legal research
  • Helping clients connect with free legal services
  • Writing arguments
  • Filing motions and other court documents
  • Briefing attorneys

In addition to gaining practical experience, I also picked up a true passion for helping underrepresented people navigate the legal system. This is why I am so interested in working with your firm. I am familiar with the work you do with refugees and the Innocence Project. I admire it greatly and would love to join your efforts.

At the same time, I know that your firm needs a capable legal assistant to handle a wide range of practical, legal matters. In addition to my capabilities as a legal assistant, I have excellent communication skills, the ability to manage many responsibilities, and am exceptionally organized. I’m also experienced in working with LegalSoft400.

I have attached my resume for your review. If you are available in the next two weeks, I would love to schedule an interview at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you and will follow up early next week.


Lydia Cruz

Legal Assistant Cover Letter Writing Tips

The above was a starter. Now it’s time for the main course. To help you write an equally persuasive cover letter for a legal assistant position, we’ve lined up some bonus tips. 

Take Stock of Your Legal Skills

Of course, there is nothing more important than your legal skills. This is going to be the primary concern of any decision-maker. Your resume will provide a broad overview of these, but do bring some of the main ones in your cover letter too. 

To make things easier, emphasize the skills that are named in the job listing. Think of these as keywords that you need to be sure you make past any initial screening process.

Show a Passion For Serving Clients

No matter what area of law you pursue, legal firms succeed for one reason. They serve their clients well and get them good results. Detail why you care about these potential clients, and what you will do to help meet their needs.

Focus on highlighting your soft skills such as emotional intelligence, strong active listening skills, or negotiation abilities. Illustrate them with a quick example such as this one:

“At my last position, I often worked with vulnerable parents, being accused of child neglect or abandonment. By showing empathy, understanding, and patients, I have successfully managed to collect rich case files for lawyers — and put the clients into better moral spirits before court hearings.” 

Balance Idealism With Practicality

Are you passionate about law, civil rights, and justice? You’re not alone! Maybe you even have a sincere interest in intellectual property law. If so, you should mention this in your cover letter. However, you must also balance this with a practical understanding of the work, and the right competencies.

All of Your Experience Matters

Don’t be stymied by a lack of experience. Chances are, you have done something to gain valuable skills. Have you ever taken part in an internship or volunteered for a legal organization? Bring these things up in your cover letter. 

The same thing applies to work experience outside of the legal field. If you have learned computer skills, customer service, and attention to detail you can expect that to benefit you in your career as a legal assistant.

Final Tip: Get The Ball Rolling

Your last paragraph shouldn’t be simpering or passive. Instead, double down on your interest. Request an interview. Then, make it clear that you will be following up. This indicates that you are serious about the position, and not simply sending your resume around to test the waters.


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