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Janitor Resume Example and Extra Writing Tips

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Many tend to underestimate the important role janitorial services play in our lives. So we’d like to give a huge shoutout to all the amazing people who ensure sanitation, cleanness, and safety of all the public and private facilities — especially all through the past two turbulent years. 

If you are working as a professional janitor, you should feel good about the great work you do. And this sentiment should also come across when creating your resume. Never diminish or doubt your skills and abilities! 

In this post, we’ll show you how to create a compelling janitor resume using our working sample and extra writing tips. 

Resume Sample for a Janitor (Word version)

janitor resume example

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Janitor Resume Example (text version)

Jamie Mayers 
Phone: (888)555-1111

Professional summary 

Diligent, hardworking, amicable janitorial specialist, trained in Covid-19 sanitation protocols, CEFP and OSHA certified. Experienced with waxing equipment, plumbing work, and cleaning supply and inventory management.

Work Experience 

Sunnydale High School, Denver, CO 
August 2018-present 

Full-time school janitor, providing effective cleaning, floor care, trash removal, restroom cleaning, and groundskeeping services at a school of 500 students. 

  • Regular facilities cleaning and special floor care for the school library 
  • Timely trash removal and cooperation with local waste management companies
  • Initiated a school trash sorting facility and educated students on recycling 
  • Co-developed a new cleaning checklist to comply with new school safety protocols 
  • Reference letter from Principal MacGill available upon request 

Independent Contractor, Denver, CO 
May 2017-present 

Outside of full-time work, I operate as an independent plumbing contractor, offering services to the local community. 

  • Install, replace, and repair water heating pipes 
  • Complete all-round bathroom/WC repairs 
  • Repair minor HVAC leaks 

Cleaning Specialist 
Sander’s Staffing Agency 
November 2015-May 2017

Worked as a temporary cleaning specialist, assigned to augment in-house cleaning teams on-demand during busy seasons. 

  • Performed a variety of office cleaning duties — carpet cleaning, vacuuming, special woods care, trash removal, outside landscaping maintenance. 
  • Efficiently handled post-renovation facility cleaning — removed paint traces, disposed of construction waste, helped with furniture moving and arrangement. 
  • Worked as part of the hotel cleaning team — professionally polished all surfaces, performed floor treatments, did minor plumbing repairs and sanitary engineering jobs. 
  • Followed directions from team supervisors and received positive references from every temp employer I have worked for. 

Shift Cleaner 
Chicka Burgers
December 2014-November 2015

Worked as shift cleaner at a fast-food location in Colorado Springs. Ensured fast and effective cleaning of the restaurant facilities, including dining areas, washrooms, and kitchen areas after the end of the staff shifts. 

Education & Certifications 

Denver Trade School 
Plumbing certification 

Completed a plumbing training program and obtained a professional plumbing license from the Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations.

  •  OSHA Safety and Health Specialist Certificate, issued in Nov 2017 
  • Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP), issued in June 2018

How to Make a Great Janitor Resume: 4 Working Tips

You may not be a great writer, but you probably know about the importance of good structure. The above sample janitor resume follows chronological resume format. You should use it too if you have several years of cleaning experience. 

You can grab a premade free resume template to serve as a general frame for layout. Then customize all main resume sections — header, work experience, education — using our tips! 

Never Send a Generic Resume 

Janitors are hired by different companies — from public organizations like schools and universities to staffing agencies and individual businesses. Given the variety of options, you should always customize your resume to each position. 

In other words — think about the employer’s facility type and likely cleaning needs. Then format your job descriptions to show that you can effectively address these with the skills you have. 

For example, if you are applying as a janitor to a hotel, highlight that you are good at vacuuming and removing fingerprints and all sorts of stains from different surfaces. 

Bring Up Your Soft Skills 

More times than not, you’d be hired to work as part of a bigger cleaning team. Show that you can get along well with others by bringing up some of your soft skills. If you are aiming for a supervising janitorial position, give some extra room for showing your organizational skills

As a janitor, some good soft skills to highlight on a resume are:

  • Teamwork/team player
  • Time management 
  • Strong work ethics 
  • Reliable/dependable
  • Punctual 
  • Responsive
  • Friendly/approachable 
  • Attentive to details 

Need more ideas? We have a big list of adjectives to describe yourself

Use Strong Verbs to Describe Your Janitorial Duties

A strong verb denotes concrete action. They are more descriptive in nature and help you better convey the nature of your work. 

A quick way to tell a strong verb from a weak verb is by forming past tense. Strong verbs are irregular verbs and change their structure (e.g. go -> went). Weak verbs form a past tense with d/t ending (e.g. walk -> walked). 

For example, compare these two job entries:

Janitor Janitor 
Mowed the lawn and cut bushes 
Removed trash 
Did groundskeeping and gardening work 
Took care of waste management 

The right one reads more persuasively because the resume bullet points are composed with strong verbs and extra descriptive nouns/adjectives. Try to mimic this too when writing your resume. 

Final Tip: Don’t Dwell Too Much on Your Education 

If you have a substantial work history, don’t dwell too much on your education. You don’t have to list your high school or GED diploma issue date. If you went to a trade school or completed some professional training, bring those things instead. If not, just leave the education section of your resume entirely and allocate more space towards your work experience as this is what most employers are interested in seeing on your resume.


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