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IT Resume Example: Learn How to Command More Attention in The Hot Tech Niche

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The only constant in IT is that it is evolving faster than any other niche. Just several years ago, for example, who could have guessed that AR/VR technology would move from gaming to mainstream marketing strategies? Who predicted that chatbots would take over customer service? Or that IoT would be incorporated into so many industrial and consumer niches? 

And yet, the basics remain. Design, development, and programming are still the building blocks of any new technology that may come along. The key for job seekers in IT fields is continuing professional development – staying on top of the newest technologies and getting the training (much of it is online), to be as attractive and versatile a candidate as possible.

There are critical skills that IT job seekers must have for this increasingly competitive field in 2019 and beyond, such as:

  • DevOps
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Hadoop
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • AI
  • AWS

If you already specialize in one of those technologies, there’s just one other thing you need to do to secure a top job. That is package your expertise into a compelling resume. You will find below a detailed IT resume example followed by some essential tips that will help you do just that.

Free Resume Sample for IT position (Word version)

resume example for IT position

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IT Resume Example (text version)

Tim Smith


General Job Title: Full-Stack Web Developer
Phone: 555-555-5555
Github: timdev

A full stack web developer with a history of interning at Fortune 500 companies and working with venture-backed FinTech startups. Agile specialist, creative problem-solver, with Java skills. 

Front-end skills:

  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • ReactJS
  • PostCSS

Back-end skills:

  • Java
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • AWS
  • CDN
  • Spark
  • ExpressJS
  • PHP 7

Work Experience

FinTech Inc., October 2018-Present

Full-stack developer

  • Helped developed the early lending app MVP on Java. Used NodeJS and MongoDB to create back-end for storing user data.
  • Developed the app front-end using linked list data structure.
  • Assisted with the setup of automated tests to cover 90% of the application.
  • Participated in daily scrum meetings and planning poker.

ABC Corporation, March 2018- September 2018

Full-time IT Intern and Trainee

  • Assisted in the development of new web pages for the internal corporate project. Provided tech support to users.
  • Developed automated test cases for the CRM application, together with the regular web team.
  • Assisted with AWS infrastructure housekeeping: scheduled data backups, tested disaster recovery plans, fine-tuned system’s performance, learned the basics of AWS cost optimization.
  • Took part in requirements gathering and data mapping for a major cloud migration process.
  • Completed several in-house masterclasses including: Best Agile Project Management Practices, Fundamentals of Peer-to-Peer Code Reviews, Introduction to AWS Cost Optimization.

Tim Smith Design, May 2016-March 2018

Freelance Web Designer/Developer

  • Created 6 WordPress websites for small businesses in hospitality, healthcare and accounting services industries.
  • Designed new homepage and check-out process for an e-commerce store.
  • Provided IT support services to several business owners.
  • My project portfolio and testimonials can be viewed at (link to your portfolio/website)


Columbia University: BS-Computer Science, 1999-2003

GPA: 3.8; Certifications in Java, Javascript

Skillcrush Bootcamps: 2008 – Present: Programming Coursework

Certifications in Rust, Swift, F+

Coursework in AI, AWS, AR/VR Development

Be Selective

As you look at IT position postings, the first thing you need to do is match your skills, training, and experience with those that are key in the posting. Narrow your search by these, and you will be going after the jobs that you actually have an opportunity to land despite tough competition.

Update Your Online Portfolio

Specific hard skills are what most tech employers are after. So have a demonstration of your talents readily available. Add some new open-source projects to your GitHub profile, gather up some references and highlight those on your LinkedIn profile. Or you can publish a blog post explaining the nuts and bolts of a recent project you have worked on.

New to The Job Market? Consider Career Schemes for Recent Tech Graduates

As IT talent is in high demand, a lot of big name companies are now trying to capture the brightest minds straight out of college, and nurture them in top professionals in-house. Participating in such schemes means that apart from a paycheck, you’ll also receive several years of training and mentorship – a major plus for your future career.

Some of the employers offering such programs in the US and the UK include:


This is only one sample, obviously. But it should give you an idea about how you can engage a reader by pulling their eyes to the important skills you have developed and then how you have utilized those skills in your work experience.

Note: for IT resumes, it’s best to have a separate section for your skills summary. This allows the potential employer to see that you have the talents they need. You may want to change the order in which you list them, based on each specific position you apply for, so that the key ones come first.

Finally, as you craft your IT resume, there is a number of resume templates you can find and use to make your job application more coherent and memorable.

sample IT resume


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