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instant magnifier resume

Have you ever seen those cool, forced perspective pictures online? You know the ones where something looks really big because of the camera angle? This creative resume template is called the Instant Magnifier because one section of the resume template appears to be magnified. No, it’s not really bigger. It just looks that way! It not only looks cool, but it also helps part of your resume to stand out.

So, what would you want hiring managers to most notice about you? Would it be your personal profile, career objectives, skills, education, or something else? Once you download this template, you can use the magnified section to show off your best attributes. What a great way to leave the perfect impression with your resume or CV!

Grab this template, and start practicing your interview skills. You are sure to get calls and emails soon! Get started by clicking the download link below!

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  1. I have been able to get a couple of other resumes from this page downloaded. I keep trying to download this one and it only gives me the documentation letter and an image of the resume like show above. I have unzipped the files and nothing works. I really, REALLY want to use this template and email it out to prospective employer tonight, Can you please help me ? Thanks

    1. Hi Tina,

      Thank you for pointing this out. The template itself was indeed missing in the zip file (I might have missed my cup of coffee that morning), sorry for the issue.
      Anyway, the right version is now online so please feel free to download it again.

      Kind regards

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