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7 Marketing Jobs That Are In-Demand (and Pay Well)

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The job market at large may not be in its best state right now (and for at least another year). But despite the turmoil, the growth in some professional verticals remains steady. Marketing jobs are still projected to grow at 6% annually from 2019 to 2029 — that’s much faster than most jobs in other verticals. 

After all, as Henry Ford once said “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” and judging by the current volume and pay rates for jobs in marketing, most businesses decided to play by that rule.

So if you have your resume all polished up, here are 7 types of in-house and remote marketing jobs worth applying to! 

Entry Level Marketing Jobs That Pay Well

1. Online Community Manager (average salary $46,402 per year). Online community managers are hired by companies to help represent and spread their brand online — on social media, forums, review websites, or owned community platforms. 

This role requires a basic understanding of digital marketing, strong writing, and in-person communication skills, along with at least some basic knowledge of social media marketing. Most employers also offer on-the-job training, making this job an excellent first step in the field for recent graduates

2. TikTok Content Creator. (average salary $30,00-$40,000). Tiktok is the newest social media platform, now making waves among advertisers and brands. It’s the place to be if you wanna reach younger Gen Z consumers and bored Millennial types. As the daily active user figures keep surging, companies now look into hiring dedicated content creators and content strategists to plan, shoot, and promote their content on the platform. If you already nailed the art of lip syncs, know what content trends on the platform, plus have a personal account with several successful videos, pitch confidently to employers!

3. Junior copywriter. (average salary $43,822). If you know your way with words and loved the Mad Men series (which are nowhere close to the actual reality of being an agency copywriter today, but still), your prospects of getting a remote copywriting gig right now are pretty high. Set up your portfolio, organize your clips, write a dazzling cover letter, showcasing your writing skills in action, and start pitching startups, digital marketing agencies, SMEs, or larger corps. 

Mid-Level/Senior Digital Marketing Jobs with Good Prospects 

4. UX Writer. (average salary $119,531). UX writing is a newer job in the marketing playbook, but it’s been making rounds among the hottest tech companies in the Bay Area, and lately well beyond it. As a UX writer, you are responsible for writing all sorts of micro-texts for the web product and ensure that your words complement and augment the visual experience. This role is an excellent step forward for copywriters, content strategists, and communication specialists who also have a deep passion for design (and want a good salary bump).

5. Digital Strategist (average salary $64,460). A role of a digital strategist assumes being the ‘brain center’ behind the brand’s digital campaigns and presence. Depending on the organization, you may be asked to work solely on the strategy — marketing plan development, KPI setting, reporting, etc. — or also take care of some executive aspects of the campaigns e.g. engage in media buying, advertising placement negotiations, content calendar development, etc. Usually, digital strategists are part of a larger marketing team and collaborate a lot with people from other departments. So having stellar interpersonal skills is a must for this role!  

6. Brand Manager (average salary $71,226). As the name implies, brand managers are responsible for ensuring the right brand positioning, increasing its recall among consumers, and otherwise shaping a positive perception of it among the target audiences. Your day-to-day work will involve a lot of collaboration with design, creative, PR, and sales departments, as well as senior executives. So again, it can be a very rewarding position for a person with good communication skills and strong core competencies in marketing. 

7. SEO Manager (average salary $78,184). Search engine optimization (SEO) is an exciting and ever-evolving field, where you are constantly challenged to try new tactics for growing your traffic volume and cementing your positions in search results. The job can be stressful at times (when a new Google algorithm rolls out and your website gets hit), but still rather delightful and well-paid. Since more and more companies are re-investing their budgets in digital advertising, you can also offer SEO consultancy on the side to beef up your regular paycheck! 

Get to Action! 

Good marketing jobs are in no short supply these days. But you still have to ‘sell yourself’ as a qualified candidate. Be sure to customize your resume to every position you are pitching to. Give your main accomplishments (preferably with figures) a prominent placement on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Pack your resume in a professional resume template, pair it with a strong cover letter, and you are all set for success!


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