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How To Impress Your Potential New Employer Before you even Meet

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We all know how difficult job searching can be, especially when you are trying to impress someone that you have never even met with your credentials.

Landing the job you deserve can take a lot of hard work, but it doesn’t mean that your job searching process isn’t exciting. There is the first initial delight at finding a vacancy that seems perfect for you. Then there is the anticipation of building your application, sending it off and awaiting a reply. Should you land a coveted interview slot, then you can be left buzzing with excitement at the opportunity to dazzle them with your personality and poise.

While you may be focused on your job searching activities, spare a thought for what any of your potential new employers will be doing in the meantime. Most employers will not just sit around and wait until candidates turn up for an interview before they can judge them. No – they will be doing a lot of homework of their own behind the scenes in anticipation of meeting suitable recruits.

Retire your worn-out resume

The key here is to make that first contact and first good impression with a thoroughly prepared and professional resume – not forgetting a very well written cover letter to back up your job application.

This is no time to dig out your old, generic resume. You need to perfectly tailor your resume to suit each new position that you apply for. Take some time to browse our free resume templates and choose a fresh design that will liven up your application.

By doing this stage right, you will be encouraging the employer to take the time to go deeper and do more background research on you and your suitability for the role on offer.

You may have submitted a very polished resume and cover letter that contains the key information that the employer is looking for. But even before they decide who to invite in for an interview, they will be digging a lot deeper than you think.

Getting your social media sorted

One of the first places an employer will go to check you out further is to go and look at your social media pages. It is essential here to take stock and build yourself a very robust social media presence if you want to impress a potential new employer.

According to a 2017 CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen potential new job candidates and 57 percent of employers are more reluctant to offer an interview to those without a digital footprint or don’t like what they find.

Remember that if you are busy looking for a new job, you never know which recruiters will be watching your profile. Try to refrain from posting anything that you really wouldn’t want them to see!

Research the company culture

A lot of companies try to find suitable job candidates that will be an easy cultural fit for their workplace. Ensuring the mental health and happiness of their staff while at work is becoming even more important for major recruiters.  This is why you need to make sure that your job application comes across well and allows your personality to shine through.

By researching the company culture and using the same ‘company-speak’ or terminology within your job application and your resume will show that your beliefs and behaviors will be a good match for their working environment. Take an extra line on your cover letter to explain why your shared beliefs would make you a valuable asset to their team.

Follow up with a letter

Employers can wade through hundreds of job applications and resumes each day trying to find those candidates they consider worthy of making the shortlist. Unfortunately, no matter how good your application, you may not end up making the final cut.

In cases such as this you can often be left hanging in silence wondering what you did wrong, or what you could have done better. You can show the employer a bit of extra value here by not disappearing quietly over the horizon. Instead, take some time to follow up your job application with a letter or email politely asking for some feedback from them.

Be polite here and say thank you for taking the time to consider your application, but that you would appreciate some feedback about their decision that would help you with your future job applications.

In most cases, you may be the only candidate that has taken the time to follow up your application. This in itself can be an impressive move. You may even find yourself being offered an interview in return because of your initiative and drive.

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