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How to See Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile?

how to know who viewed your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn allows users to get a glimpse of who viewed their profile. However, unless you have a LinkedIn Premium profile, you won’t be able to see the complete information about those potential employers and other folks checking your credentials. 

In this case, what should you do?

How to See Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile for Free

 If you have a basic (free) LinkedIn account, you already have access to your profile views.

To see who viewed your profile, all you have to do is go to the top right of your LinkedIn homepage and click the “Me” tab, where your profile picture is located. Then, right below your name, title, and profile picture, click “View Profile”.

On your dashboard, you’ll be able to see the number of people who viewed your profile in the last 90 days, as well as the number of article views you’ve received and in how many searches you’ve appeared. You’re the only person who has access to this information.

number of profile views on LinkedIn

By clicking on “Who viewed your profile”, you can see who has been checking out your profile in the last three months. Unless, of course, their profiles are on Private Mode. What does that mean?

How Linkedin Private Mode Anonymizes Profile Views

Each LinkedIn user can select different privacy modes for their account in their privacy settings. That means they’ll have the freedom to analyze profiles without exposing their identity.

In LinkedIn Private Mode, all your profile information — name, current employer, etc, — is hidden from other users until you send them over a connection request and they accept it. 

LinkedIn private profile mode

Browsing in LinkedIn Private Mode gives you the advantage to research different employers and recruiters as you do company research pre-interview or look for inspiration before writing your LinkedIn profile summary

Just keep in mind that anonymizing yourself will also prevent you from seeing who’s viewed your profile.

Depending on a viewer’s privacy choice, you’ll only be able to see partial information about them (such as name, location, and industry) or no information at all. Most of the time, all you’ll know is that they’re a “LinkedIn Member”. Yes, even if you have a LinkedIn Premium account.

How to Find out Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile Anonymously?

Truth is, there’s no sure-fire way to do this, especially if potential recruiters have their privacy set to anonymous. Typically, all you’ll see is 5 viewers who checked your profile in the last 90 days. Other viewers will be anonymized and you’d be prompted to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium. You can’t tell learn more unless you try the following LinkedIn profile views hack suggested by a Reddit user:

“Just screenshot the 10 people and come back the next day. The nine randoms (will) regenerate letting you discover the real person by process of elimination.”

This will require a bit of patience on your part, but it’s a viable solution if you really want to know who’s interested in connecting with you or evaluate you for a new gig. Of course, not all recruiters will have their profiles anonymized, which could make your job a lot easier.

Now that you have a few options to choose from, it’s time to go out there and shed some light on those mysterious LinkedIn profile viewers.


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