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How to Accept a Job Offer: 7 Tips to Write Your Letter or Email

accepting a job offer via email

Great news! You filed a perfectly polished resume and nailed the job interview. Now you’ve received a generous job offer. At this point, everything is looking rosy. You may be tempted to casually cruise through the next steps. Well, put on the brakes.

Many people forget that accepting a job offer is part of the hiring process. You have to handle it professionally. The last thing you need is a misunderstanding to mess things up. So, before you accept that offer, check out these 7 tips.

How Long do You Have to Accept a Job Offer?

In most situations, you are expected to accept a job offer between 48 and 72 hours of receiving it. There are a few exceptions to this. A company might have an urgent need and insist on getting an answer sooner. On the other hand, if a job requires relocating or other major changes, you will likely be given additional time to consider it. The key is to read the offer carefully and clarify exactly when they expect to hear back from you.

How to Accept a Job Offer

Once you have decided to say yes, follow these seven steps to make sure the rest of the process goes smoothly.

1. Review The Job Offer

Take a close look at the offer you receive. Pay attention to your start date, job location, and what you need to get started. Some employers may have additional questions for you. Make note of anything you have to address when you write your job offer letter.

2. Address Your Email/Letter to The Right Person

This may seem easy enough, but be careful. In some instances, you may deal with a recruiter or HR person during the hiring process. Then, you receive your offer from the manager or department leader who you’ll be working with. Remember to send your email to the person who makes the offer. This means using the correct address, as well as using the right name in the salutation.

3. Write a Clear Subject Line

Most letters of acceptance will be sent as emails, or as some form of an electronically-signed document. Assuming you want to learn how to accept a job offer by email, this tip is for you.

typing a clear subject line

Keep this very simple. Your subject line might be “Job Acceptance — Your Name”. This makes your email easy to search for and lets the recipient know exactly what they are receiving.

4. Make Your Acceptance Clear

As a formality, always include a statement at or near the top of your acceptance letter that says you are saying yes to the offer. This doesn’t need to be stiff or formal. Simply write that you are happy to accept the offer and look forward to starting.

5. Thank Them For The Offer

Of course, it’s a matter of professional courtesy to thank your future employer for their offer. Be genuine, and be specific. For example, you might say, “I am happy to accept your generous offer. Thank you for introducing me to your team. I am excited to begin my new career as a Masterson’s sales associate.”

6. Restate The Terms of Employment as You Understand Them

It’s important to ensure that you and your new employer are on the same page. List the terms you are accepting such as:

  • Position
  • Start Date
  • Location
  • Salary
  • Days and Hours

However, if there are any terms you want to continue to negotiate, don’t send a letter of acceptance just yet. Instead, contact the hiring manager directly to discuss things. For example, negotiate the proposed salary

Send your acceptance letter only when you are fully ready to take the job as offered.

7. Write a Professional Closing

Close things out with a simple farewell. Thank them for the offer again, and state that you look forward to starting. Then, use a standard business closing such as Sincerely or Regards.

Job Offer Acceptance Letter Template

Subject: Acceptance of Employment Offer — Jason Smith

Hello Mary Jones,

Thank you for your job offer, I am happy to accept it. I found your team to be warm and welcoming. Thus, I look forward to the challenges of serving as your new VP of Information Technology. To be clear, I am saying yes to the following conditions:

  • Start date of March 1st 2021
  • Health and Life Insurance Benefits to begin at the start of employment
  • Vacation and PTO Accruals per the laws of the state of California
  • Salary of 150K annually to be paid monthly
  • Relocation expenses reimbursed up to 15K
  • Regular travel to Toronto and NYC 
  • An office suite at the company headquarters in San Diego

I will plan on arriving on the morning of March 1st. I will bring all standard documents to ensure an easy transition. Please inform me if there is anything else I should have.

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.


Jason Smith

To Conclude 

Remember that your job acceptance letter sets the tone. Write one that exudes professionalism, so you arrive on your first day having made a great impression! And should you feel not that happy with the final offer, step up and negotiate! Most employers will be willing to lead a further discussion with the ‘right fits’.


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