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14 Rewarding and High Paid Jobs for Introverts

high paid jobs for introverts

When you’re an introvert, it can be difficult to imagine yourself with a successful career. Will your awkwardness around people make you an outcast in the workplace? How will you get through a high-pressure job interview? What kind of career path should you choose if you are an introvert, especially one with anxiety?

We answer all of the above questions and s’more in this post. It should also reassure you that there is no reason that your shyness should ever stop you from getting a great job that pays well! 

What Jobs are Good for Introverts?

You should consider careers that allow you to work independently and maximize your thoughtful personality if you are an introvert. Keep in mind that introverts are often studious, conscientious, detail-oriented, creative, and empathetic human beings. And all of these soft skills are well-valued by employers.  

To set the scene, here are some of the best jobs for introverts:

  • Software developer
  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Business analyst 
  • Financial controller  
  • Data scientist 
  • Graphic or web designer
  • Freelance writer
  • Translator
  • Maintenance worker
  • Librarian
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Clinical researcher 
  • Baker or pastry cook 

14 In-Demand Jobs For Introverts That Pay Well 

Now, let’s put the microscope over some of those cool occupations for introverts. To help you find the ideal job we’ve split the list into different categories. You should be able to either find a job that best fits your character or gain some useful inspiration. 

High Paid Jobs for Introverts 

Do you think that high-paying jobs are only for people with big, gregarious personalities? Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of the best-paying jobs require “silent” intelligence, strong technical skills, analytical abilities, and creativity. Here are some of the top choices in this category. 

Software developer 

A software developer uses coding skills along with different tools to create the software that we use in our daily lives. Some even create software that is used by businesses, even software that runs machinery.  They often work independently, but do have some interaction with coworkers and customers. A software developer can earn between $51K and $110K depending on their experience and specialization.

Check our list of hot entry-level IT jobs for even more options!  

Technical writer 

A technical writer explains the logic behind different software in plain English. They write
user guides, software manuals, assembly instructions, plus other supporting and education materials.  Essentially, you need to break down complex, technical information to non-technical folk. Technical writing is a salaried position, in most cases, and the average salary is between $41K and $92K

technical writer

Video editor 

Video editors are in high demand right now as the world switched to watching videos. They work for companies that use YouTube to connect with customers, for people who produce training and educational videos, and for wedding videographers. A video editor ensures that all content is of great quality and meets the brief requirements. Editors frequently work alone in an editing room or studio. A video editor can make between $30K and $84K per year. However, editors at the low end of the salary range often do the work part-time.


An actuary works for insurance companies. They use math and analytical skills to determine the risks. Their job is to analyze a potential insured’s situation including their demographic information, lifestyle, and consider historical data as well. Then, they determine if the insurance company should offer coverage to the person/business and how much premium they should charge. They make between $59K and $168K.


Auditors review business and financial records to ensure that all employees within a company comply with legal or industry regulations. They must be detail-oriented, and able to work independently. An auditor can earn between $44K and $84K. Or more if they are employed with a Big-4 firm. 

Low-Stress Jobs for Introverts with Anxiety

Before you choose a career, think about the elements of a job that might cause you stress. This differs from person to person. For example, one individual might dread the pressure of working quickly. Others might balk at the idea of interacting with an angry customer. Jobs that require caring for others can lead to compassion fatigue. Sometimes, repeated tasks become dreary and stressful. 

At any rate, you have your reasons to seek a non-emotionally draining position. So here are a variety of low-stress jobs for introverts to consider.


A surveyor works independently or as part of a small crew. They determine where property boundaries are, verify the accuracy of land markers, and provide important information to construction managers and architects about the land they are considering for projects. A surveyor can make up to $32 per hour. That’s not much, but you can bulk up your income with another weekend or part-time job

surveyor determining property boundaries

Small Engine Mechanic

Small engine mechanics repair and rebuild small engines that are used to power lawn equipment, motorcycles, golf carts, machines, and farm implements. They often work independently, with many owning their own businesses. A small engine mechanic earns an average salary of $45K per year. However, they may earn more if they have additional engineering skills or operate independently.  


A researcher may work in academic and business environments. Their job is to gather information from reliable sources in order to find answers to all sorts of pressing questions. That’s a great line of work for someone with an inquisitive mind and passion for self-learning.
A researcher in academics makes an average of $60K per year. But switching to an industry position, for example in business analysis or data analysis can yield a bigger paycheck. 


A statistician works on research projects where they gather and analyze data. Their job is to turn the information they have into statistics that their employers can use to present information, and make decisions. There are many different types of statisticians — from medical to marketing ones. However, on average they earn $66K per year.

Good Jobs for Introverts Who are Bad at Math

While many of the best jobs for introverts are in STEM fields, there are plenty of options for people who are bad at math. If math and technology aren’t your strengths, consider jobs in the following areas.


A paralegal will conduct legal research, prepare briefs, write documentation, and provide updates to the attorneys who employ them. This is an excellent job for someone who is fascinated by the law but dreads speaking in public. A paralegal earns an average of $46K per year. But you may earn more if you get hired by a bigger law firm or work for a high-profile private attorney. 

Landscape Designer 

A landscape designer works with homeowners, businesses, and construction companies to plan and design the layout of the landscaping around the constructed buildings. In addition to making these areas look attractive, designers must ensure they are functional as well. (No one wants to get to their garage via a pond). They earn $55K per year on average

landscape designer

Chat Support Agent 

Many people don’t consider customer support jobs for introverts, but chat support can be an excellent choice. These agents use email and online chat to help customers solve their problems. They make an average of $30K per year. The bonus, however, is that you can often work remotely and clock in flexible hours. 

Floral Designer

A floral designer creates flower arrangements for a variety of events and settings. They must have creative and artistic abilities. While this job assumes a degree of human interaction, you can minimize it if you hire someone else to man the tilt. Or sell most of your works online. On average, floral designers earn $31K per year if they are employed by someone else. 

Truck Driver

Truck drivers operate large vehicles that transport goods from one place to another. They generally work alone or with a single helper. This is an ideal job for someone who wishes to work as independently as possible and doesn’t mind solitary rides. They earn about $51K per year.

Do Introverts Get Good Jobs?

Introverts can absolutely get good jobs. In fact, there are many wealthy CEOs who are introverts — Marissa Mayer, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet are several examples. Likewise, many people in tactical executive roles err more on the introvert side. So you too have a great shot at building a career you’ll love!

The key is to get past your social anxiety and awkwardness. Focus on your written documents first. Grab a free resume template for Google docs and start customizing it with your career details. Next work on writing a compelling cover letter. Showcase your core competencies and personality in writing to set the stage for the upcoming job interview. 

And here are some more tips for finding the right job, and ensuring you have a great chance of being hired:

Know Your Talents

Before you worry about finding a job that is specifically tailored to introverts, create a list of your hard and soft skills. What tasks are you best at doing? What do you truly enjoy doing? Jot down a list. Then think about different types of roles that will let you exercise those. 

When you find a job that allows you to use your natural strengths, you will have a much better time at the workplace. You’ll feel more confident about the work you do. Even better, you won’t worry about facing correction or criticism. This will help you build a better rapport with your teammates and get more proactive about sharing your ideas and contributions.

Research the Job and Company Culture

In many cases, company culture and work environment matter as much as your specific job title. For example, you may do better at a job at a company that values working independently than at one that has mandatory “team spirit” meetings and weekly happy hour events. Read reviews on job sites to learn what current and past employees have to say about the day-to-day work environment. 

Rehearse Answers to Common Interview Questions

When you land the interview, remember that being prepared is key. You are less likely to stumble over your words or show your nerves if you have rehearsed a bit. Think of some of the most commonly asked interview questions, such as “What interests you about this job?” or “Why are you leaving your current employer?” or “Tell me about yourself.” 

Practice brainstorm brief, upbeat answers to these questions. Then practice your replies with a close friend.  

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FAQs about Jobs for Introverts

Take a look at these frequently asked questions about jobs for introverts. They contain some excellent suggestions, but keep in mind that there are dozens of jobs introverts can do.

What are some high-paying jobs for introverts?

High-paying jobs for introverts are often in the technology sector. These include software engineers, web developers, data scientists, cloud architects, networking engineers, QA specialists, UX/UI, designers, mobile app developers, business analysis professionals, and more. 

What jobs require little social interaction?

Jobs with the least social interaction are those where you can minimize contact with co-workers or customers. For example, working in a stockroom at a store, bookkeeping, data entry, content writing, web design, and transcription. Work that can be done virtually is also a good fit for people who want to avoid regular face-to-face social interaction. 

What are the best jobs for someone with anxiety?

People who have anxiety might be interested in pursuing low-pressure jobs, and allow them to work at their own pace. Consider working as an archivist, groundskeeper, or graphic designer. There are also many other jobs for people with anxiety. Just think of work you can do without having people watch over you or that isn’t too fast-paced.

What kind of jobs allow you to work alone?

Most freelancing jobs allow you to work alone, especially remote jobs. If you prefer more activity, consider pet sitting or housesitting. Also, most technology sector jobs such as web development or data analysis can be done without having to interact with coworkers regularly.


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