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How to help improve your workplace well-being

workplace well-being

We spend most of our waking hours at our jobs so it is very important that our workplace well-being is well taken care of.  If you are unhappy at work it can affect just about every other area of your life. Don’t sit an suffer in silence! Take some steps to remedy you workplace woes for a happier work / life balance.

Boosting your happiness at work could be as as simple as altering your routine slightly, taking on more training to help motivate you to take your career progression forward, or approaching your manager or HR officer with your concerns if they involve other people.

Let’s take a look at a few positive steps you can take to improve your workplace well-being:

Making healthy choices

If you spend many hours confined to a desk, try planning some healthy physical activities to do as regularly as you can. Set a timer to go off every 45 minutes and allow yourself to do a couple of minutes worth of stretching exercises either at your desk or standing up behind your chair.

Keep yourself well hydrated with water instead of endless cups of caffeine laden coffee.  Drinking more water can help stave off headaches caused by dehydration and over-consumption of caffeine. Take regular bathroom breaks when you need them instead of holding on to your bladder for too long.

Take your lunch away from your desk if you are one of those people who find it hard to ignore your work at lunch-time. Taking a break from the screen and having a walk outside in the fresh air can help to re-charge your batteries and reduce tension build-up in your neck and shoulders.

Make time for mindfulness

Sometimes our work can be pretty stressful, even for those lucky enough to work in a low-stress environment, just occasionally things may not go according to plan resulting in stress levels going through the roof. Incorporating a few mindfulness techniques into your day can help you deal better with stress in the workplace. It need not take up a huge chunk of your time either.

Try meditating for a few minutes either before work or during your coffee break. Find a quiet place to sit, close your eyes, breath slowly and deeply and let your mind empty of all thoughts.

Focus your mind on one task at a time. Don’t start another task until the last one is completed. Juggling too many tasks can lead to mistakes being made and stress levels rising.

Switch off your digital media at lunch-time and allow yourself to do nothing for at least five minutes. This can help to ground yourself and calm your mind.

By introducing some mindfulness techniques, you will be more able to keep negativity in check. This can help to reduce stress levels, lower your blood pressure, make you more productive and even help to boost your relationships with your work colleagues.

Resolve issues with work colleagues

If you actually make an effort to understand and bond with your work colleagues, it can go a long way towards boosting your workplace well-being. While your bosses will obviously want you to be putting 100% of your effort into your work, having a good relationship with those around you can actually help you perform better at work. The help and support you can get from your work colleagues should never be underestimated.

Being proactive and getting to know your co-workers can help to improve your mood at work.  Even when you have woken up on the wrong side of the bed and don’t feel like being particularly sociable, having a cheery ‘good morning’ and a beaming smile from a colleague can make you feel so much better.

Choosing to withdraw from people at work and refusing to participate in the office culture can end up backfiring on you in the long run. You may find yourself overlooked for career progression opportunities or the offer of upgrades to your equipment or environment. Do you really want to miss out on these opportunities because of a lack of effort on your part?

There is usually someone you work with that will clash with your personality. If this person is someone who has authority over you, then it may be possible to resolve your issues directly by calmly talking to them in private. Quite often the person will have no idea that they have this effect on you and will take steps to modify their behaviour towards you in future.

Should your issues be unresolvable, then you can take your concerns to a higher line manager or your HR department. It could be that a move to a different department for either you or your supervisor. Your HR department will be able to offer some solution to address your issues so you should never let your problems build up to a point where you hate going in to work or want to look for another job just to get away from that one person.

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