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A Shiny Hair Stylist Resume Example + Quick Writing Tips

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Unless we all suddenly go bold (or decide to make it a new fashion trend), hair stylists shouldn’t worry much about their job prospects.

But jokes aside: while the career opportunities in this field plenty, getting a full-time, well-paid gig in a top beauty salon ain’t that easy because you’ll be against the competition. 

To maximize your chances your first step is to ensure that all of your licensing is in order. And the second one? Add some brilliance to your resume!  The following tips will help you do that. Keep reading for a great hair stylist resume example.

Create a Skills Section on Your Resume

Two different hair stylists might have two entirely different skillsets due to their background and training. So before you get to resume writing, take a sec to create a master list of all the skills you have. Jot down both “industry” and more general soft skills (as most employers also look for these!).

Here are a few sample hair stylist skills to include:

  • Cutting/Styling
  • Thermal Styling
  • Coloring
  • Perms and Other Chemical Treatments
  • Scalp Treatments
  • Multicultural Hair Care
  • Hair Extensions
  • Customer Service
  • Up-selling Salon Products and Services
  • Supply Management
  • CPR and First Aid
  • POS Operation

You can find even more skills for your resume by browsing job postings and paying attention to how employers formulate the qualifications/job requirements for hair stylists.

Create a Portfolio and Link to It

Better show, than tell. The best way to communicate your skills as a hairdresser is through a portfolio. This is also the perfect tool for demonstrating your own unique style and creativity.

You can either host your portfolio on Instagram (a popular thing to do, especially if you want to get some extra exposure and perhaps attract some freelance clients).

Or build a simple portfolio website using one of the drag&drop builders such as:

If you’ve done any sort of repair work, don’t forget to include before and after pictures. Finally, consider including a video as well. This can demonstrate that you work cleanly, use the proper protocols, and operate in a safe and sanitary manner.

Consider a Personal Visit

Many larger chain salons prefer that you apply online, but other salons welcome a drop-by visit. If you’re applying at a personally owned salon or barbershop, consider stopping in to meet the manager. You can then personally hand out your resume and do a bit of personal intros. Just be sure to wait for a time that isn’t too busy.

Keep Your Resume Short & Sweet

Assume that the person reading your resume is quite busy. They don’t want or intend to spend much more than a few seconds scanning your resume. So keep things brief.

Your resume shouldn’t be longer than a page. Eliminate any extra fluff such as interests and hobbies that aren’t relevant to your job. Trim on lengthy intros. You can always communicate some extra details via your cover letter.

Know The Customer Base of Your Potential Employer

You should customize your resume for each employer. One way to do this is to do some “investigations”. Do some googling to figure out learn what this particular parlor does, and what kind of people frequent them the most and what kind of hair stylist succeed in working for them.

In particular, pay attention to:

  • Their key services
  • Pricing
  • Branding & values

Then, customize your resume accordingly. For example, adjust the skills section of your resume to feature the skills that will be most relevant. Say if you are applying to a salon offering Olaplex treatments, mention your experience with this brand.

Hair Stylist Resume Sample (Word version)

Download resume example (.docx)

Hair Stylist Resume Example (text version)

Danielle Williams

Tel: 402-123-4567
4611 Oakdale Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33912
Portfolio:[portfolio URL]

Professional Summary

Experienced hair stylist with 4+ years of experience with over 200 clients in my books. I have worked on both men’s and women’s hair with a focus on high fashion hairstyles. Skilled at cross-selling and up-selling services and contributed significantly to the profitability of every salon I have worked in.

Professional Experience

Vincenzo’s Salon (July 2016 to Present)

Hair stylist

I have been providing hair styling services to upscale clientele at Vincenzo’s for the past four years. My specialty is coloristic and my clients are particularly satisfied with the ombre, balayage and platinum blonde colors I have achieved. View my portfolio for examples. My appointment list is usually booked a month in advance. I am also the hairstylist of choice for the St Louis School of dramatic arts.

Jinko Hair Salon  (April 2016-June 2016)

Hair stylist trainee

Worked as a part-time junior hair-stylists assisting senior professionals with blowouts, shaving and facial hair grooming procedures, and simple haircuts. Was selected as employee of the month in May 2016.


  • Haircutting and hairstyling
  • Blowouts
  • Perms and relaxing
  • Color treatments
  • Shaving and facial hair grooming
  • Facials and waxing
  • Cosmetics application
  • Extensions
  • Licensed by the Missouri department of health
  • Completed all continuing education units for 2020 and 2021


Saint Louis cosmetology college
Hair styling and makeup artistry
Licensed in May 2016

Final Tip: Spell Check!

Always use a grammar and spell check app (e.g. Grammarly)  to ensure that your resume is free from any mistakes. This will show that you truly pay attention to detail and never let sloppiness creep into your work!

sample hair stylist resume


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