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A Gentle Guide to LinkedIn Recommendations

Linkedin recommendations

Think you are ready for a big new career move? Great, then you need to give your resume and LinkedIn profile a refresh. A LinkedIn profile is your virtual calling card — a quick reference point for any employer looking you up online or on the platform. So you’d want to make it as attractive as possible. One major part of infusing some extra appeal into it is LinkedIn recommendations. 

Why LinkedIn Recommendations are Important 

Good LinkedIn recommendations add up to other components of your profile such as your LinkedIn summary, work history section, and skills with endorsements.

Although recommendations are at the bottom of the page, they still play a vital role for recruiters. Similar to professional references, LinkedIn recommendations provide external validation to your skills and work experience. Some well-written ones also offer a glimpse into your personality and character. 

Thus, it’s always worth requesting a recommendation on LinkedIn (or several!) if you plan to start job hunting! 

Another good reason to ask for LinkedIn recommendations? Research indicates profiles with Recommendations tend to rank higher in search results for relevant keywords that recruiters use to discover you. Who wouldn’t want to be among the first suggestions, am I right? So treat recommendation requests as another step of your LinkedIn profile optimization

How to Ask for Recommendation on LinkedIn

Asking for a recommendation on LinkedIn is dead simple:

  1. Scroll down to the Recommendations section on your profile
  2. Click “Ask to be Recommended” 
  3. Select a connection to request a recommendation from. 
  4. Wait for their reply. 

Breezy! But a far more important question is: whom you should ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn

Here are some good candidates: 

  • Former manager/direct supervisor
  • Mentor or educational supervisor 
  • Someone you’ve worked closely with 

LinkedIn lets the recommender indicate the relationship to the recommended person and it would be visible on your profile. If there isn’t one, some recruiters may wonder about the “genuineness” of the recommendation. Thus it’s always best to ask someone you’ve worked with. 

Also, a good idea is to pick a person with an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. Because in this case, it would be easier for the recruiter to establish your connection (e.g. by seeing that you’ve worked for the same company at the same time).  

Finally, don’t just take — give! Reciprocity is key to accumulating a nice round-up of LinkedIn recommendations. Offer the other person to write an endorsement for them too. 

How to Write a Good LinkedIn Recommendation 

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation is an act of being brief and on-point. 

Great LinkedIn recommendations share several attributes:

  • Indicate how you are connected
  • Provide concrete, quantifiable evidence of accomplishments
  • Attest to your personal and professional skills 

In other words, LinkedIn recommendations offer a succinct snapshot of your top qualities from a given role. 

The max length of a LinkedIn recommendation is 3,000 characters (or roughly 500 words). But in reality, the best ones are much shorter — about 100-150 words. After all, no recruiter has time (or aptitude) for reading an essay about the candidate. So ask your connections to err on the shorter side of things and do so yourself. 

Here’s a quick framework for writing a glowing LinkedIn recommendation in under 10 minutes:

  1. Start with a summarizing statement, describing the person.
  2. Mention how you are connected.
  3. Highlight the core skills and competencies 
  4. Mention a compelling achievement
  5. Round up with a quick note on a personality 

Use the above yourself and send it over to your connection when asking for a rec. 

The above can be packed into a nice LinkedIn recommendation template such as this one:

[Major praising statement] is the key quality that impressed me about [Name]. I have worked together with [Name] at [Company Name] for [Length of Time] as [indicate the working relationship]. During that time, [Name] showcases significant abilities in [skill 1] and [skill 2]. In fact, [Name] achieved sizable results [add accomplishment]. Of course, I’d like to also point out that [Name] is a delight to work with because of [soft skill] and [personal attribute]. Thus, it is my great pleasure to recommend [Name]. 

LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

Alright, let’s give the above advice some extra context by showcasing examples of great LinkedIn recommendations for different positions. 

LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Sales Professional 

Sam is a standout sales manager for pharmaceuticals. During her time at Pharma Co, where I worked as a Senior Sales Executive, Sam consistently met and exceeded the set quotas. In fact, she was the leading salesperson on a major deal with a transnational pharma company and successfully closed the 8-week negotiating round, bringing over $8 million in new business for our company. If you are looking for a skilled presenter with high emotional intelligence and deep knowledge of N.E.A.T selling methodology, Sam would be a great addition to your team. 

LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Manager 

During the past five years, Lydia acted as a Service Manager within the Customer Success department at Startup XO, where I directly supervised her work. Easy-going, efficient, customer-oriented. Lydia has quickly developed a reputation as a go-to person for all questions related to managing service categories and developing SLAs. She has a strong analytics mindset and great resilience for navigating crisis situations. During an SLA breach, Lydia managed to retain a customer on the brink of leaving the business. If you wish to get a creative problem-solver on your team with a pleasant demeanor, Lydia is a strong contender. 

To Conclude 

LinkedIn recommendations solidify your profile. So it’s nice to secure around 3 recommendations to pique the interest of potential employers and make your profile appear higher in search results. Besides, you now know exactly how to request and write stellar recommendations. So put this knowledge to a test!


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