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Graphic Design Cover Letter Example and Writing Tips

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Graphic designers create a lot of the amazing visuals you interact with every day — from brand packaging to navigational signs around the cities. These professionals combine their unique artistic senses with the ability to use a variety of tools to design logos, pamphlets, web pages, booklets, menus, business cards, catalogs, and other items. Their work is seen online, in stores, and elsewhere.

If you’re a talented graphic designer, your creative skill can truly contribute to the growth and success of any business. You just need a fair chance to show how talented you are.

There are plenty of job openings for graphic designers — onsite, remote, and freelance. But you have to stand out from the equally talented competition. A strong portfolio is a must, but so is a compelling resume and a cover letter

This post provides a great graphic design cover letter sample you can use for inspiration, followed by some extra writing tips. 

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Sample (Word version)

graphic designer cover letter example

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Graphic Design Cover Letter Example (text version)

Hi Diane Fielding,

We’ve connected on LinkedIn earlier over your job posting for an associate graphic designer at Fielding Studios, which caught my eye. I first learned of Fielding Studios after your massively successful campaigns for Too Good to Go out-of-home advertising — and I’d be thrilled to help you design an even better-performing campaign for them! 

I am a full-time freelance graphic designer. The majority of the work I do is with restaurants and other food service organizations. My key responsibilities involve helping small scale operations such as food trucks and carts, mom and pop restaurants, and up-and-coming food startups with:

  • Menus
  • Brand identity design 
  • In-door signage 
  • Out of home promo posters 

Additionally, I do some work for area non-profit organizations and recently parted with Food Bank on the “Let’s feed the world” campaign, directed towards Chicago residents. Prior to going freelance, I had a full-time agency job with Mich-Dish Marketing Agency and worked part-time at Coolidge Design Firm while attending design school. 

I graduated from the Ellis Bay School of Art And Design in 2017 with a BFA in Visual Arts and a BA in Graphic Design/Digital Communication. During my time in school, I participated in two internships and was active in the Student Designers Club. 

Over the years, I have become proficient at using many graphic design tools and mastered techniques that allow me to deliver visually enticing, memorable, and on-brand assets. My core skills include 

  • Technical skills: Hand drawing, digital illustrations, photography, photo retouching, logo design, typography, HTLM/CSS. 
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop,  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Figma, Canva, Slack, Basecamp, Asana. 
  • Soft skills: Time management, strong listening skills, emotional intelligence, teamwork, collaboration. 

Although I have enjoyed my time working independently, I am missing the comradery of working with a group of creative people and pursuing more ambitious, cross-channel projects. With Fielding Studios entering the Boutique Agency space, I can’t think of a better company for the next stage of my career. 

In return, I bring significant experience, the ability to work independently, and an understanding of the needs of startups. I’ve attached a copy of my portfolio and my resume. Please review both at your own convenience.

Can we meet for an interview next week? Thanks again for your consideration.

Evan Rushing

How to Write a Great Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Now comes the challenging part — sitting down to write your own cover letter. The easiest way to start is by outlining your letter first:

  • Add a general introduction that explains why you are applying 
  • Organize your core skills for the body 

Next, apply the following tips to structure your narrative. 

Connect Your Experience With Their Needs

You are an experienced graphic designer and know your chops. Now you need to make the employer see you as a fit too. The easiest way to do so is by painting a mental picture for them. Show how your technical skills and past experience would allow you to add value to their organization. Draw comparisons between your past projects and their needs. Make it easy for them to picture you in the role. 

Detail Why You want to Work For This Company

Every employer will wonder: why are you job-hunting? Give them that answer straight away. Be honest, but keep things upbeat and positive — flatter their recent success, mention that you have a strong interest in the industry they cater to or note how you relate to their corporate values or team culture. 

List Your Most Relevant Skills

The skills list on your resume should be extensive. The one in your cover letter should be a bit shorter. Focus on the tools and specific skills that are listed in the job description. Add some extra ones that hint at your extra capabilities and could give you an edge over other applicants. 

If you need ideas to present your skills efficiently on your resume, be sure to check our free resume templates!

Mention Company News or an Upcoming Project

Show that you’ve done some pre-interview research and have a strong interest in the company. Have they done anything exciting, or have you heard about any new projects? Mention these in your cover letter. This shows that you aren’t just applying for any open positions, but have an affinity towards their company. 

Final Tip: Steer Them Towards Your Portfolio

In graphic design, your skills matter. However, it is what you can do with those skills that truly make the difference. Be prepared to show hiring managers exactly what you have produced. Prepare a curated portfolio, and send it along with your resume and cover letter.


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