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Your resume is an ad to a potential employer. The way you format your resume speaks of how you are capable of organizing and presenting your ideas. And if your “ad” fails to show what you are truly capable of, you will never get that call. Don’t let your lackluster design skills become a roadblock to landing the job you deserve and ditch that DIY file of yours!

Consider Goldenrod Yellow template for a second. It’s on-point with formatting consistent across all positions. Key sections and subtitles are neatly highlighted to draw additional attention. Contact, career and educational information are easy-to-skim and delightful to read. Bonus point: yellow color just oozes positivity and adds a bit of personal warmth to your application that you can reinforce during a personal interview.

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    1. Please be sure to install the fonts listed in the documentation before editing the template. If not installed, they will be replaced with your default system fonts.

  1. Posting to social media that I am downloading a resume = I can’t download the resume without alerting my employer that I may be looking for a job. Is there another way?

    1. Hi Curtis, please understand that a lot of hard work is put into the creation of these free resume templates. So yes, we are asking to spread the word about Freesumes so we can continue offering great resume templates for free.
      If you do not wish to share this page on social media, please consider buying a premium resume set instead:
      Kind regards

        1. Hi Jean, FYI fonts are listed within the documentation available with the download. Here the font used is Raleway.

  2. Hi,
    Where can I download other little icons like the ones you used for Experience, Location, Email, Phone, etc… The little golden icons.


  3. Hi,

    May I kindly know the color code of the yellow? (I am trying to put in new icons to the template)

    Which font is this?


    1. Hi, sure the color code for the yellow is #eeb84b or RGB(238,184,75).
      As for the font used, it’s Raleway.

    1. Hi, each free download comes with the resume template and the documentation.
      I would suggest to download it again and to extract it using the native extractor tool from your OS if there is one or using and external tool such as Winrar, Winzip…

      Kind regards

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