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Front-end developers turn static page designs into interactive apps and software components users interact with. Given the current tech boom, front-end developers remain ultra-high. Indeed alone has over 22K open front-end development positions. And many more jobs circulate around the so-called “hidden job market”. 

The good news is that the jobs are out there. The less peachy one? You still have to put in the work and submit a professional resume, paired with a compelling cover letter (yes, even if the job ad says that the cover letter is optional!). 

Let us help you with that. We have written a front-end developer cover letter example and included some helpful writing tips.

Front End Developer Cover Letter Example (Word)

front end developer cover letter sample

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Sample Front End Developer Cover Letter (plain text)

Dear Mr. Jordan,

My name is Clarissa Stevens — a former UX/UI designer, now specializing in React.js and Angular.js web app development. I’m applying for the position of Front-End Developer, advertised in Tech Jobs Journal. 

Apart from framework knowledge, I’m also well-versed in HTML, CSS platforms (like  Bootstrap, UIkit, and Foundation), and am familiar with CSS media queries for creating mobile responsive products. Moreover, I code in Java and Ruby. 

Currently, I work with the MarStack agency and create front-end designs for their clients, primarily in the real estate and ecommerce industries. Specifically, I’ve helped set up a new headless ecommerce architecture, consisting of BigCommerce on the backend, custom checkout flow, and custom presentation layer on Angular.js. 

Prior to that, I worked as a freelance UX consultant and web designer with a variety of small business clients providing web and app design services. However, while I am fully qualified to work as a full-stack developer, my passion is creating amazing user experiences through innovative front-end design. My portfolio is available at 

I’m very excited about this opportunity and would be interested in meeting with you soon. My schedule is very flexible, and I am able to meet in person or via Zoom. 

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Clarissa Stevens

Cover Letter Writing Tips for Front-End Developers 

Your tech skills are your key “selling point”. Most employers want to immediately understand which front-end frameworks, programming languages, and supporting tools you know. That said, most expect to see these skills presented in a wider context aka in terms of specific projects you did. Be sure to highlight the industries you’ve worked for, and the types of products (web or mobile), and drop some specific names or a link to your portfolio.

Below are extra tips to help you structure your cover letter in the best way. 

Keep The Reader Interested

Most HR teams are incredibly busy. Most have to sift through dozens (or even hundreds!) of applications at a time to shortlist the best contenders for the position. Even with the help of applicant tracking systems, the candidate selection process is incredibly taxing.  You may also be competing with those who have much higher qualifications than you do. 

These factors require you to write a cover letter that will engage your potential employer and encourage them to read further. You can think of this letter as a part of the code needed to help you get the job. Be sufficient in your wording and keep the sentences short and to the point. Aim for an ideal cover letter length of 275 to 400 words.

Use The Right Language to Stand Out

Use your words to paint a clear image of the type of person you are. Tell them about your experience as a front-end developer, as well as any other web development skills you might have.

Some good front-end development skills to highlight in your cover letter are:

  • CSS3 and HTML5
  • JavaScript libraries and frameworks
  • Other coding languages (Java, Python, Ruby, etc.)
  • Responsive web design principles 
  • SEO best practices 
  • UX/UI knowledge 
  • SDLC methodologies knowledge 

That said, you don’t want to be too detailed in your cover letter. Don’t copy the same information you already have in your resume. 

Your cover letter should give the employer insight into what they may find on your resume. 

Instead, pick several core competencies and contextualize them in your letter. 

Don’t Forget About Soft Skills 

Software development is a team sport these days, with most companies sticking to agile principles. This means there’s a lot of collaboration within the team and across units (which often include non-technical roles).

Hence, show that you are a good communicator and a reliable team player. If you have some room left, throw in a few mentions of your analytical and critical thinking skills too. 

Final Tip: Know What to Include

Just like code, a cover letter is essentially non-functional if you don’t include the right stuff. Talk about your experience in dealing with technology. Discuss your wider interest in web and tech development. 

Once you are done drafting your cover letter, give it another critical look. Trim bits that aren’t directly related to the position you are after. For example, if the employer is looking for someone with JS and Java knowledge, you can skip mentioning your experience with HTML5.


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