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A lot of successful careers started with one good resume template.

All you need is to find the one that will communicate your personality, your brand and your talents the best. And we may have a “winner” for you.

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The Vintage Rose resume template is delicate and feminine, but don’t be tricked by its subtlety. This template is actually a hardcore employer pleaser as it presents them with all the essential information in one quick glance.

Need a 2-page resume, a matching cover letter? We got you covered with the complete set that also includes a job interview tracker. Get the complete pack here.

“Smart” layout highlights your work experiences and achievements. A dedicated “About Me” section gives you room to project your personality, while the bottom “Skills” section places your unique skill set in the spotlight.

In doubt, whether it will work for you? Download it anyway, as costs nothing but a few clicks! Or go on and explore other free resume templates for Word.

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  1. The fonts inside the template remains the same even after I have installed the fonts mentioned in the link provided

    1. Hi Ainna, once the fonts downloaded and installed properly, I would recommend to download a fresh copy of the template again and to work with it. The first time you have opened the template, Windows has replaced the missing fonts with your default system fonts.
      Thank you.

    1. Hi Ann, can you please try again? It might have been just a temporary issue, everything is working fine.
      Feel free to contact us directly via the contact form if you keep getting the error page. Thanks

  2. I wrote a Resume last night using this template. I saved it several times. It disappeared this morning. What happened? Where is it?

    1. I am sorry to hear that Michele but this has absolutely nothing to do with our templates, they don’t magically disappear. Maybe you have saved it in a different folder or maybe there is an issue with your computer.

    1. Hi Rico,

      Since our resumes are delivered as pre-formatted documents, inserting a page can be a bit tricky. I would suggest to copy the entire document (Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C), insert a blank page, click on the blank page and then paste (Ctrl+V).
      For your convenience, please note that this design is also available as a premium pack, which already include 2-page resumes. You can find it here:

      Kind regards

  3. Which program is best to use to work with this template? I have a Mac and used to use Open Office for my old resume, but it doesn’t seem to work well in this instance.

  4. Hi ! Thank you for sharing your template. Could you possibly explain how to download a picture in the left top square please ? I doesn’t seem to work … 🙁 Thank you.

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