Free Blue Denim Resume Template

blue denim resume template

The color blue is authoritative. It inspires confidence and calm. It’s also on the cool spectrum.

All of this makes blue a great color to work into a resume for an executive, manager, sales person, even a nurse. It’s also perfect for someone in a position that requires integrity such as a cashier. If you want to be trusted for your expertise, integrity, and authority, this is something to consider. Do you think blue the ideal color for your resume? If so, we think that this blue denim resume template is worth your attention!

The header is an awesome, denim blue. It’s got a lighter blue stripe to make things really stand out. You have headings and plenty of space for your personal profile, job experience, and education. Check out that cool graph that you can use to rate yourself on your expertise. That’s sure to draw the attentive eye of any hiring manager.

Don’t worry about paying for our template, or jumping through hoops to get it. All you have to do is click download. You’ll have your customizable template in just a few moments.

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