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Amazing Esthetician Resume Example (+ Bonus Writing Tips)

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Self-care isn’t a trend. It is a renewed focus on taking care of ourselves. This has led more people than ever to invest in various beauty treatments. US households now spend $385 on personal self-care annually, with HNW individuals eagerly footing five-figure bills per visit. 

So it’s hardly surprising that the global wellness market already stands at $1,5 trillion and is set to further grow at 5%-10% year-on-year. 

Because of our increased focus on personal well-being and preventive healthcare, estheticians are more in demand than ever. If you are a skilled esthetician, you have so many opportunities to pursue right now. 

All you need is an attention-grabbing resume. Let us help you with that. Check out the sample esthetician resume example below to get started. 

Esthetician Resume Example (Word)

esthetician resume example

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Esthetician Resume (plain text)

Professional Summary

Licensed esthetician with 6 years of experience in high-end salons. Have provided luxury-level services to VIP clients that include waxing, laser hair removal, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. Maintains a customer satisfaction rate of 98% and has a large, loyal client base.


  • Facials (Microcurrent, LED Light Therapy, Hydrofacials)
  • Personalized skincare routine plan development 
  • Cosmetology safety and sanitation procedures
  • Hair removal (waxing, sugaring, laser)
  • Brow care (tinting, microblading, lamination) 
  • Spray tan application and maintenance

Work History

Spa 21
Lead Esthetician
2019 – Present

I am personally responsible for ensuring that Gold-level guests have amazing experiences. Additionally, I supervise other service providers, answer guests’ questions, set appointments, and assist customers in finding the products and services they need. During my tie at Spa 21 I have:

  • Spearheaded the customer loyalty program which drove a 25% increase in recurring visits 
  • Established partnership deals with international cosmetic brands (Biologique Recherche, Babor, Elemis) 
  • Administered the addition of multiple services — hydrofacials, LED Light Therapy, brow bar. 
  • Created an esthetician training program for entry-level staff. 

I also implemented cleaning and sanitation policies that have led to an A+ rating from the health department.

Beauty Institute
2016 – 2019

Worked as an apprentice esthetician performing a full range of services on customers. Additionally, took on office responsibilities such as new customer paperwork and appointment selling. Achieved an upsell rating of 20%. 

Other duties included:

  • Provided a range of cosmetology services to clients (facials, peels, tan application, hair removal, and microdermabrasion). 
  • Conducted research on new spa products and negotiated supply deals with local and international vendors.
  • Coordinated and executed social media marketing promo campaigns to drive sales. Generated 50+ new bookings in one day with a viral Instagram reel. 


MN Division of Cosmetology And Hair
Continuing Education
2021 Required Continuing Education Units

Beauty Academy of St. Paul
Certificate of Achievement: Cosmetology And Skincare
Skincare Professional’s License

West St. Paul Preparatory Academy
High School Diploma

Memberships and Licenses

  • Minnesota Association of Beauty Professionals
  • State of Minnesota Skincare Professional’s License
  • Association of Trade And Technical School Graduates

How to Write a Compelling Esthetician Resume 

As an esthetician you already know how to make a solid first impression in person. Now you need to translate those skills into writing. That’s usually when most get blocked. A blank page can either look intimidating or prompt you to get rambly and pile up a bunch of scattered career tidbits.

To avoid the above, grab a resume template that provides you with a visual structure for writing — and then apply the following tips. 

Talk About Your Accomplishments

Your duties are what you are assigned to do on a daily basis. Your accomplishments are the outcomes you achieve through that work. 

For example, selling salon products is a common duty that estheticians perform. Exceeding top sales expectations by more than 20% each month is an accomplishment. 

These quantifiable statements attract the most attention. Unfortunately, many estheticians forget to include them. So make sure that you add a least one accomplishment for each work entry. 

Accentuate Your Soft Skills

Soft skillsare the skills you have that don’t directly relate to providing beauty services. These are your interpersonal, organizational, administrative skills, etc. Estheticians need these skills to showcase their commitment to impeccable customer service. 

Remember: A salon may ask you to also work sales, manage the front desk, or take on other challenges (e.g. organize a promo event). Put your soft skills on your resume to ensure that your hiring manager knows you’re up for many tasks! 

Show Your Licenses

Licenses and certifications aren’t just nice to have in this industry. These are an absolute necessity. In fact, without the right certifications, you may not qualify for many esthetician jobs. So make it clear that you are compliant with all licensing requirements. 

Focus on Career Growth

The work history section of your resume should show clear growth in your career. This could be demonstrated by showcasing how you have moved from working at a popular chain to working at a luxury spa. You can also show how you have moved from a staff position to a management position. 

Final Tip: Sell Your Clients

As an esthetician, it doesn’t just matter what you bring in the door, but also who. Yes, the hiring manager will be looking for you to have the right combination of skills and experience. However, most of them will also want to know whom you have in your books. 

In this industry, clients tend to follow service providers from one place to another. If you can bring a loyal clientele with you, you can easily negotiate better base pay and commission rates.


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