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Discover How to Nail Your Next Job Interview

job interview

Job interviews can be a bit stressful, especially if you’re aiming for that dream job. To help perform at your peak and ace your next job interview, career expert Abby Kohut suggests “ Researching the company, matching up your skill set with position, showing passion, answering questions directly and wearing the appropriate interview clothes poises job candidates for success.”

Prepare for your interview and boost your confidence by learning the best interviewing practices .

Do Your Homework

Do your research before the interview. You’ll want to know as much about the company as possible, including its present and future plans. It will help you know about the company culture and allows you to know how your skills and experience are a perfect fit for the company. And if you’re transitioning into a different industry, research the new industry in general. Knowing industry-specific information will help you build rapport with the interviewer. Leverage everything you’ve learned about the company to position yourself as the best choice for the position. Keep in mind the interviewer not only want to know about your experience and knowledge but that your interpersonal skills are a good fit for the overall team.

Voice Your Skill Set to Match the Position

Understand why they need to fill the position and voice how your skill set fills that need. Be prepared with an elevator speech that has been practiced and memorized. You should be able to clearly speak about your past accomplishments and know your resumes like the back of your hand. Tie in a number of stories from your own work experiences to show how your skill set solved the problem. Keep in mind that stories should always reflect context, action and results. And don’t be fearful about telling a story about a failure, as long as you can professionally explain what you learned from the experience. The key to matching your skill set to the position entails:

  • Knowing your resume
  • Communicating your education
  • Discussing your accomplishments and experience

interview clothingDemonstrate Interest and Passion

Be ready to explain why you are passionate about the position and why you are passionate about working at the company. For example, if you’re interviewing for a nursing position, you can discuss your passion toward helping others and the technology of the hospital. One of the biggest mistakes job candidates makes is not to let the interviewer know that they are very interested in the position at the end of the interview. This is the perfect time to show interest with questions like “What’s the next step?” It shows enthusiasm.

Answer Interviewer Questions Directly

Be direct and to the point when answering the interviewer’s questions. Don’t beat around the bush. Your answer should directly be a response to the direct question and substantiated with an example or explanation.

Don the Appropriate Interview Clothing

If you’re interviewing for an executive position, showing up for a job interview wearing a polo shirt and khakis just doesn’t match up with the position. In this case, a suit is a better fit. You’ve only got one shot at making a good first impression, so dress appropriately for the position.

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