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Do you want to “move” your resume or CV from the “boring” pile that HR managers and recruiters trash and get it into the “interesting/ for further review” pile? Sometimes, all it takes is just a small amount of flair that captures the eye and just “says,” take another look.

As this template clearly shows, you can take a traditional resume document (somewhat boring) and “style” it up with just a small splash of color – a border, a highlight, or section headings. And, as you can see, those contrasting color sub-headlines allow much faster scanning and make your document look well-structured.

This free resume template can be downloaded and is in MS Word format, so it can easily be “tweaked” as you wish. Note there is even a space at the top for a photo, if you decide that should be included, and plenty of space for a punchy objective statement (which you should absolutely do!).

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