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Convincing Cover Letter For an Office Manager

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Businesses truly rely on office managers to keep things going. A skilled office manager works with vendors from cleaning companies, security providers, repair crews, and more. They ensure that people have the supplies they need to work and that the office environment is pleasant and productive. That’s in addition to handling the utilities and purchasing office equipment as needed.

If you are considering this line of work, you better come with a well-prepared job application package. Such that includes a compelling cover letter. How do you craft one? Use our sample cover letter example below and some helpful writing tips!

Office Manager Cover Letter Example (Word)

cover letter sample for an office manager

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Cover Letter for Office Manager (plain text)

Hello Simone Ellis,

My name is Nancy Reynolds and I am interested in the position of office manager at Frost Foods. I learned of this position while attending a job fair at the University of South Florida and speaking with your recruiter David Wells. As requested, I’ve attached a copy of my resume as well. 

Currently, I am employed as the facilities coordinator at Griffin Insurance Group. While the title may not match precisely, I perform virtually every duty that is normally assigned to an office manager. These include:

  • Coordinating office maintenance and equipment repairs
  • Managing utility accounts, cleaning teams, and in-office catering  
  • Ordering office supplies on behalf of other staff members
  • Scheduling meeting rooms
  • Planning and managing business travel

I take pride in ensuring that everybody I work with enjoys a comfortable work environment and remains in high spirits. 

My experience at Griffin Insurance Group along with my AAS degree in Business Administration has allowed me to develop the kind of skillset you’re looking for. I have good digital literacy skills and am familiar with tools like Google Workspace, Office 365, Asana, TripIt, and Shiftnote. 

My current employer also noted my strong time management and conflict resolution skills. Furthermore, I am capable of learning new skills and technologies quickly, and I am willing to learn any tools or apps used by your business.

The Frost Foods Company has been a part of the Springfield community since I was a child. As I was preparing my application for this position, I was excited to learn that this facility was in the process of converting to solar energy. In my current position, I managed my employer’s transition to solar power. This included establishing accounts with a solar energy provider and managing relationships with solar installation crews.

My schedule is open every day after 4 PM. Additionally, I have full availability on Fridays. Would it be possible to schedule an interview? I’m excited about this position and would love to move to the next step.


Nancy Reynolds

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Office Management Position 

Office management positions require strong organizational and administrative skills, along with some general business acumen. That said: many employers are also open to hiring candidates with transferable work experiences, which makes it an excellent choice for entry-level candidates and/or recent graduates.

The purpose of your cover letter is to show that you are a dedicated, proactive, and responsible person, capable of methodically handling the day-to-day office management process. The next tips should help you craft this type of narrative for your office manager cover letter. 

Show You Can Manage a Modern Office

Working in an office has changed significantly, especially in the last few years. So did the job of an office manager. 

Some 63% of high-growth companies adopted the hybrid workplace model, meaning that the employees work both on-site and off-the-premises. Likewise, those with a bigger workforce present in the office are looking into continuously optimizing the employees’ experiences by blending more technology into the facilities management. 

To be employable, an office manager must be familiar with digital platforms for communication, collaboration, and scheduling. So be sure to highlight your digital literacy skills in your cover letter and resume. These include can include knowledge of specific project management/facilities management software, baseline coding knowledge, digital research skills, social media management, and more. 

Connect Your Experience With The New Job

Sometimes, job titles aren’t enough to show that you have the right skills and experience. For example, the person in the letter above hadn’t held the title of office manager. Instead, they were a facilities coordinator. So, they worked to clear up any confusion by mentioning it, and showing how their work as a facilities coordinator closely matched that of an office manager.

If you too come from a different background, don’t be afraid to mention that. Elaborate on how your past work experiences (e.g. in customer service or retail) can be transferred to the office manager position. Connect the dots for the reader. 

Give a Specific Example

Find an opportunity to show that you can add value to the office right away. In this case, the applicant did some research to learn that the office they were applying to was converting to solar power. They shared that they had helped their previous employer convert to solar, including managing the new utility account and working with the installation crew. Do some background research yourself to see if you could find a similar “connection” with a company you’re applying to. 

Final Tip: Help The Employer Plan The Next Step

A great cover letter creates momentum. Now, it’s up to you to take advantage of that. Be proactive about moving things forward. Close your letter by letting them know your availability, confirming your interest, and asking to be scheduled for an interview. Doing so shows you’re a serious candidate, not just “kicking tires”. That will often be the motivating factor that gets you an interview!


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