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A Persuasive Cover Letter Example For a Receptionist

cover letter for a receptionist

A receptionist does much more than answer phones and direct foot traffic coming into a building. Often, they are the first face people see and the first voice they hear associated with a business. They become, in essence, company ambassadors. In addition to this, receptionists have other duties including enforcing building security protocols, receiving and signing for packages, and interacting with vendors.

Working as a receptionist can be a rewarding position for an outgoing personality who enjoys helping others. Of course, to get that job as a receptionist, you must start with a great resume and cover letter.

Your cover letter in particular will show your personality, and affinity for a job that involves so much person to person contact.

Basic Receptionist Cover Letter Tips

In order to write a cover letter that gets the best response, please consider the following tips:

  • Make sure your letter is free from spelling errors and other mistakes.
  • Include any relevant technical skills. For example, are you proficient in a particular telephone system, or Microsoft Office?
  • Mention your soft skills as well. A successful receptionist is cheerful but professional, and has a welcoming personality.
  • If you haven’t worked as a receptionist, you still have a chance at landing an interview. Simply focus on skills and experience that you have that would be useful as a receptionist.
  • Use keywords in your cover letter, and be precise. For example, if the job listing says 5 years of experience, find a way to use that exact phrase. It helps to ensure that hiring managers who are skimming resumes and cover letters will find what they are looking for.

Cover Letter Sample For Receptionist (Word version)

cover letter example for a receptionist

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A Receptionist Cover Letter Example (text version)

Matthew N. Miller
218 Riverwood Drive, Sacramento, CA 95814
(111) 123-4567

Company Name
Company Address
Company City, State, Zip

Dear Manager,

I am sending my resume along with this letter to express my interest in the job opening you have posted on for a receptionist. I have three years of experience as a receptionist along with other skills that I believe make me the perfect candidate for this job.I have worked as a receptionist at Other Company for three years. As you probably know, this is an exceptionally busy environment with a significant amount of both foot and phone traffic. My daily tasks include working with a multi-line phone system, interacting with vendors, and assisting customers. I believe these skills will translate very well to working in the same position at your company.

Currently I greet and direct more than 50 customers and visitors each day. I also answer and route close to 200 phone calls each week. I provide company information, directions to our headquarters, and front-end customer support. I have also been cross-trained to work with our corporate security team. My duties include filling out security incident reports, reporting suspicious activities, and working directly with the local fire and police departments to ensure that the building is safe and secure at all times.

I also place outgoing phone calls to confirm appointments, engage with UPS and DHL staff, and issue guest and temporary badges. I am proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Docs having obtained a certificate of completion in Office Applications from Local Community College. I place orders for office supplies and maintenance materials at the direction of our office manager.

Over the years, I have earned several awards for my performance as a receptionist. This includes employee of the year in 2016. I truly enjoy working with people on a daily basis, and providing them with the best possible experience as they interact with Other Company. I would love the opportunity to do the same at your organization as well.

For more details about my skills and past experience, please refer to my attached resume. I have included several references for your convenience. I am enthusiastic about this position, and would love to meet with you to discuss any details.


Matthew N. Miller

Final Thoughts

There are a few things to note about the letter. First it shows enthusiasm for working with customers and helping people, both soft skills that receptionists must have. It also mentions specific skills that are relevant to the position. This includes experience with a multi-line phone system and Microsoft office. The letter indicates other duties the applicant has performed in their current job that are likely to be assigned to them in their new position. Finally, the letter reiterates interest in the job and a desire to move the application process forward.

So now you have a sample of a receptionist cover letter. Feel free to use this as a guide in writing your own. Combine it with one of our basic resume templates for best results!

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