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Persuasive Cover Letter Examples For A Receptionist

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A receptionist does much more than answer phones and direct foot traffic coming into a building. Often, they are the first face people see and the first voice they hear associated with a business. They become, in essence, company ambassadors. In addition to this, receptionists have other duties including enforcing building security protocols, receiving and signing for packages, and interacting with vendors.

If you are outgoing and enjoy helping others, being a receptionist can be a rewarding job. Of course, to get that job as a receptionist, you must start with a great resume and cover letter. In this post, we’ll help you get up to speed with the latter. 

What Is Expected From A Receptionist?

A receptionist acts as a coordinator between the company’s customers and service providers. Essentially, you are expected to provide timely, effective, and well-structured information about incoming queries, bookings, and requests from callers and communicate important updates to customers, prospects, and business associates. 

On top of that, many receptionists are also responsible for handling internal office operations such as booking meetings, coordinating staff planners, dispatching couriers, and distributing paperwork. 

Overall, the role requires both strong people and organizational skills, as well as a certain degree of adaptability and mental resilience. On the pro side, few employers expect you to have a college degree or specific professional credentials. However, having a couple of software certifications or training courses behind your belt can be an advantage. 

What Skills Do You Need To Work As A Receptionist?

There’s no clear-cut skillset for a receptionist and many employers are willing to take on inexperienced, but highly organized and motivated individuals with a strong set of soft skills and some essential digital literacy skills.

That said, you may want to make a stronger first impression in your cover letter, bring up some of the following receptionist skills: 

People Skills

  • Strong verbal communication
  • Active listening 
  • Customer-centricity
  • Empathy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Professionalism
  • Adaptability
  • Patience
  • Team collaboration
  • Dependability
  • Mental resilience 
  • Feedback and clarification

Administrative Skills

  • Time management
  • Calendar management
  • Multi-tasking
  • Proactive planning
  • Record keeping
  • Appointment management 
  • Event planning
  • Document management 
  • Data entry 
  • Office coordination 

Cognitive Skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Memory recall 
  • High concentration
  • Attention to details  
  • Learning agility 
  • Adaptability to technology
  • Logical reasoning 
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Numerical reasoning 

Technical Skills

  • Phone system operation
  • Office 360 Suite
  • Email Management
  • Appointment scheduling software
  • Security systems knowledge
  • Video conferencing tools
  • Social media management
  • Graphic design in Canva 
  • Internet research 
  • PowerPoint presentation design 

Receptionist Cover Letter Examples

You now know what employers expect from a receptionist. Now you need to convey how you fit into this description via your cover letter.  

Here are some examples of receptionist cover letters you can use as writing prompts. As you skim through these, pay attention to the overall structure, narrative flow, and wording used to describe skills, duties, and accomplishments.

Cover Letter Sample For Receptionist (Word Version)

receptionist cover letter sample

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A Receptionist Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr. Seth Bailey,

In 2023, I have greeted over 5,800 customers, ensuring every one of them has a good first impression of the business I’m representing. Courtesy, politeness, and strong interpersonal skills are among my strongest soft skills (according to colleagues and visitors). 

Acme Hotels Inc. has a strong commitment to “inspiring, reinvigorating, and making each customer feel included”, as your CEO has mentioned in this year’s company announcement — I would like to make these experiences happen. 

Currently, I’m working with Otherwild Spa Center.  As you probably know, it’s a busy venue, attracting over 10K visitors per year. Skincare is my passion and I genuinely enjoy educating visitors about the available treatments, beauty routines, and latest product drops, giving them first-hand feedback and personalized tips.  

Apart from welcoming all guests in person, I also answer the phone and route close to 200 phone calls each week. I provide general visitors’ information, and directions to our venue, handle all individual reservations, and direct group bookings towards the CS manager. 

I also manage Otherwild’s social media presence on Instagram, shooting short behind-the-scene videos and flat lays to feature the latest spa products from our suppliers. Since I took over the content creation, our average number of likes and comments per post increased by 35% and the follower count grew by 5K subscribers. I believe these skills will translate very well to working in the same position at your company.

I have also been cross-trained to work with our corporate security team. My duties include filling out security incident reports, reporting suspicious activities, and working directly with the local fire and police departments to ensure that the building is safe and secure at all times.

When it comes to software, I’m well used to interacting with Office 365 products, as well as the company’s task management app (Asana) and CRM software (HubSpot), plus a range of online beauty booking platforms like Treatwell and Fresha.  

For more details about my skill set and work experience, please refer to my resume or contact me directly at 000-000-000. I would love to demonstrate my reception skills in action. 

Jane N. Miller

Receptionist Cover Letter With No Experience

Hi Pump the Gym team,

My name is Morgan Thomas and I’m a recent graduate of Merriam Business Academy. I believe that I could be a great add-on to Pump the Gym’s front office team because of my strong organizational skills, excellent work ethic, and passion for CrossFit. 

When I saw your job ad on LinkedIn, a few things immediately caught my attention. In the listing, you specifically requested a self-driven employee, who demonstrates initiative, is resourceful, and has excellent problem-solving skills. I come from a working-class background and have been active in the workforce since I was 16 — starting as a football coach assistant at my school and picking up extra shifts as a DoorDash/Uber courier. I am not afraid of hard work and always ready to put on the extra effort. Once, when my car suddenly broke down in the middle of an Uber trip, I managed to quickly repair it by using some Magic putty, I had in my bag and get the customer on time to their meeting.  

Apart from my formal education, I have also completed several online courses — Branding 101 and Customer Success Essentials. I’ve learned that Pump the Gym company is particularly proud of cultivating a strong brand equity and I would very much like to further contribute to honing your brand image of a transparent, eco-driven, and female-empowering business. 

I’d be delighted to come to your office during the week to further introduce myself. Look forward to hearing from you! 

Morgan Thomas

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Example 

Dear Dr. William Hope,

I am writing because I wish to apply for the position of Medical Receptionist, advertised on both LinkedIn and Indeed. As someone who has worked in similar positions at smaller medical offices, I believe that I would be a good fit for Hospitaliers. 

In my previous position at Dr. Dean’s Practice, I was positively praised for the service I was providing to the patients with references available upon request. My duties involved providing information regarding office policies, insurance filing, costs to healthcare, and available appointment times — all while retaining a friendly and approachable disposition. 

Also, I was able to successfully collaborate with the doctors and nurses and assist them with claims processing, department heads meeting coordination, and timely medical supply ordering and re-stocking. I’m well familiar with common business tools such as Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Branch, and eHospitals System. In addition, I’m currently working towards completing a certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) program. 

Because of my strong interpersonal skills, I can provide the best possible service to patients even in a pressing and urgent work environment. That is why I would appreciate the opportunity to be considered for a new position at your clinic. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any additional information or request the contact details for professional reference verification. Once again, thank you for the opportunity, and I hope to hear back from you soon. 

Phoebe Radcliffe

Cover Letter for a Front Desk Receptionist

Good day Amy Leeds,

I’m Jean-Rose Hoise, a bilingual (Spanish-English) receptionist with 8+ years of experience working in high-volume environments, including Salsa Morena dance studio in downtown Miami and Seashore Premium Suites at Key West. My family and I have recently relocated to Atlanta — and I am therefore looking for a new role. 

The position at Southern Downtown Hotel is a strong match for my skillset as I’m well versed in handling the check-in processes (including for larger groups and VIP clients) and am an advanced user of Amadeus PMS. I have strong numerical skills and high attention to detail, meaning that there are never any invoice or payment issues on my shift. 

In 2020, I also completed advanced training in customer conflict resolution from CS Academy, which has equipped me with new knowledge for graciously handling any customer mishaps (lost luggage, in-room damage, payment issues, etc). Likewise, I’m well-trained in all standard security and emergency procedures for hotels and can effectively provide assistance to guests and perform CPR if need be. 

As a recent transplant to Atlant, I have spent the first several months discovering the city, its restaurants, and its cultural scene. Apart from providing personalized, local recommendations to guests, I can also secure last-minute bookings with popular venues and handle other activities. 

Joining Southern Downtown Hotel would be a delightful continuity to my career — and I hope I could demonstrate to you what makes me a strong fit during the interview. 

Etta Bark 

Veterinary Receptionist Cover Letter

Hello Pet Paws Clinics, 

Hope you’re having a purr-fect day so far! I’m writing to apply for the open veterinary receptionist position, you shared on Facebook last week. Is it still available? 

I’m a third-year student at the University of Rhode Island, doing a degree in Animal Science and Technology, with full-time availability during the summer and part-time starting from September 2023 (weekend and evening shifts work for me!). 

As part of my degree, I was trained to perform medical tests for furry patients and I am well-familiar with the cleaning protocols for surgical equipment, as well as wider animal healthcare standards, meaning I could be also helpful in the examination room. 

Last summer, I already had a part-time receptionist position with Samson Medical Clinic and I’m working retail shifts at M&S during the semester. Both jobs have helped me hone my customer service skills, attention to detail, and emotional intelligence. I’m naturally calm, perspective, and mentally resilient person — the attributes that helped me do well in my current roles. 

You can find further information in the attached resume. Don’t hesitate to contact me by email or phone for extra details. 


Caroline Emmers 

P.S. I also want to thank Dr. Manny Sweith for helping expertly treat toxoplasmosis with my cat, Filly, last year! 

Dental Receptionist Cover Letter Example 

Hello Smiles Smile team,

My name’s Mattew O’Brian and I’m applying the the Receptionist position (#22222), you’ve posted on Indeed. 

In my role as a Dental Receptionist at Dr. Connors’s Office, I welcome about 20 patients per day, of which many are younger kids. My goal is to instantly create a calm, warm, and relaxing atmosphere by chatting up the more nervous types and entertaining the impatient ones with educational coloring books and available storytelling materials. You can read from the reviews on Google Business that I’m one of the “most thoughtful and knowledgeable dental receptionists we ever met”. 

When I am not engaging patients, I usually handle various admin tasks including appointment confirmations, insurance claims management, and supply re-ordering. Additionally, I take pride in maintaining detailed customer records, with all up-to-date information on allergies, recent procedures, concern levels, and payment details. 

My dedication to maintaining a clean, organized, and inviting workspace has won me an “Employee of the Year” award twice in a row. 

You can learn further about my qualifications from the attached resume. I look forward to connecting with you in person. 

Mattew O’Brian 

How To Write A Cover Letter For A Receptionist Job Step-By-Step 

Your cover letter will need to show your personality and affinity for a job that involves so much person-to-person contact. Respectively, you should focus on highlighting your interpersonal skills such as empathy, honesty, transparency, strong verbal and written skills. 

Then, tie in any relevant work experience you have and spotlight your organizational and digital literacy skills. This could include any previous customer service, retail, or admin jobs. Finally, add in a quick story, illustrating your ability to be proactive, effective, helpful, and professional, even under pressure. 

Conclude your cover letter with a paragraph encouraging contact with you — and that’s how you get an amazing receptionist cover letter. 

To make the job easier for you here’s also a step-by-step breakdown 

1. Start With an Amicable Introduction 

The standard cover letter format includes a short introduction paragraph (3 sentences max), a longer body (2-3 paragraphs), and a conclusion of 1-2 sentences max. 

To make a stronger first impression start with one of the following opening lines

  • Share your most recent accomplishment (for example, earning an employee award or completing a new professional certification). 
  • Convey your passion for the profession (for example, articulate why you love working with people or what has drawn you towards the hotel industry). 
  • Do some flattery (for example, mention why you’d be proud to join this company or commend them on some recent major announcement). 

These cover letter opening lines help you stand out in the sea of generic “I would like to apply to this role…” openers. 

2. Introduce Your Soft Skills 

Soft skills are your strongest “selling point” for the job. Every employer wants to see a cheerful, professional, organized, and well-mannered person at the front of their business. Your goal is to deliver that image through your cover letter.

Instead of saying that you have “good customer service skills”, contextualize these through quick stories. For example, mention how you’ve defused a potential conflict, helped put nervous patients at ease, or given the most hospitable welcome to first-time venue visitors. 

3. Bring Up All Relevant Technical Skills 

Most employers expect you to be not just a fast talker, but also a rapid typer, who’s at ease with general business software — Office 365, video conference apps, task management tools, and so on. 

If you already have working knowledge of specific software in the industry (e.g., property management systems in the hotel space), make sure this comes across in your cover letter. 

4. Briefly Describe Your Past Duties

Duties differ from one employer to another, so it’s best to tell what you already know how to do. Don’t go into too much detail here — you’ve already got these things listed on your resume. Instead, briefly describe some of the common tasks you perform, and make sure they closely match the job description. Also, try to share a notable accomplishment if you can think of a good one. 

5. Edit and proofread. 

Make sure your letter is free from any spelling errors and other goofs such as typos, auto-corrections, etc. As you do so, also edit out some weaker words and phrases like empty buzzwords, complex industry jargon, extreme flattery, and the much dreaded “to whom it may concern”.  

To Conclude 

The receptionists’ cover letter examples above have several recurring patterns. Each one showcases:

  • Enthusiasm for working with customers and helping people
  • A roaster of organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Basic digital literacy and technical skills 
  • List of duties the applicant has performed in their current job

Remember: even if you haven’t worked as a receptionist, you still have a chance at landing an interview. Simply focus on skills and experience that you have that would be useful as a receptionist and you’ll nail your cover letter!


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