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A receptionist does much more than answer phones and direct foot traffic coming into a building. Often, they are the first face people see and the first voice they hear associated with a business. They become, in essence, company ambassadors. In addition to this, receptionists have other duties including enforcing building security protocols, receiving and signing for packages, and interacting with vendors.

Working as a receptionist can be a rewarding position for an outgoing personality who enjoys helping others. Of course, to get that job as a receptionist, you must start with a great resume and cover letter. In this post, we’ll help you get up to speed with the latter. 

What Do You Write in a Cover Letter for a Receptionist?

Your cover letter will need to show your personality and affinity for a job that involves so much person-to-person contact. Respectively, you should focus on highlighting your interpersonal skills such as empathy, negotiation skills, honesty, transparency, strong verbal and written skills. Then, tie in any relevant work experience you have and spotlight your organizational and digital literacy skills. This could include any previous customer service, retail, or admin jobs. Finally, tie in a quick story, illustrating your ability to be proactive, effective, helpful, and professional, even under pressure.  

What is Expected From a Receptionist?

A receptionist acts as a coordinator between the company’s customers and service providers. Essentially, you are expected to provide timely, effective, and well-structured information about the incoming queries, bookings, and requests from the callers and communicate important updates to the customers and prospects. On top of, many receptionists are also responsible for handling internal office operations such as booking meetings, coordinating staff planners, dispatching couriers, and distributing paperwork.

Receptionist Cover Letter Examples

To get you inspired to write a receptionist cover letter, we’ve prepared a line-up of compelling examples you can use as a writing aid. As you skim through these, pay attention to the overall structure, narrative flow, and wording used to describe skills, duties, and accomplishments.

Cover Letter Sample For Receptionist (Word version)

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A Receptionist Cover Letter Example (text version)

Dear Mr. Seth Bailey,

I am sending my resume along with this letter to express my interest in the job opening you have posted on for a receptionist. I have three years of experience as a receptionist along with other skills that I believe make me the perfect candidate for this job.I have worked as a receptionist at Other Company for three years. As you probably know, this is an exceptionally busy environment with a significant amount of both foot and phone traffic. My daily tasks include working with a multi-line phone system, interacting with vendors, and assisting customers. I believe these skills will translate very well to working in the same position at your company.

Currently I greet and direct more than 50 customers and visitors each day. I also answer and route close to 200 phone calls each week. I provide company information, directions to our headquarters, and front-end customer support. I have also been cross-trained to work with our corporate security team. My duties include filling out security incident reports, reporting suspicious activities, and working directly with the local fire and police departments to ensure that the building is safe and secure at all times.

I also place outgoing phone calls to confirm appointments, engage with UPS and DHL staff, and issue guest and temporary badges. I am proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Docs having obtained a certificate of completion in Office Applications from Local Community College. I place orders for office supplies and maintenance materials at the direction of our office manager.

Over the years, I have earned several awards for my performance as a receptionist. This includes employee of the year in 2016. I truly enjoy working with people on a daily basis, and providing them with the best possible experience as they interact with Other Company. I would love the opportunity to do the same at your organization as well.

For more details about my skills and past experience, please refer to my attached resume. I have included several references for your convenience. I am enthusiastic about this position, and would love to meet with you to discuss any details.

Matthew N. Miller

Receptionist Cover Letter No Experience Example

Dear Mrs. Caroline Iglesias,

My name is Morgan Thomas and I’m a recent graduate of Merriam Business Academy. I believe that I could be a valuable asset to the Lovely Spa company because of my strong organizational skills, excellent work ethic, and attention to detail. All of these factors have helped me graduate as an Honors Office Administration student from the class of 2021. 

While looking at the job listing that you had posted on LinkedIn there are a few things I took note of. In the listing, you specifically requested a self-driven employee, had great initiative, was resourceful, and had excellent problem-solving skills. I strongly believe that I fall into all of these categories. During my time in school, I was an active member of the honors society and was elected as the treasurer for it. In this position, I was responsible for organizing events such as charity fundraisers, conferences, organizing transportation, as well as any of the funds that the honor society had managed to accumulate. 

Apart from my formal education, I have also completed several online courses — Branding 101 and Customer Success Essentials. I’ve learned that Lovely Spa company is particularly proud of cultivating a strong brand equity and I would very much like to further contribute to honing your brand image of a transparent, eco-driven, and female-empowering business. 

If given the opportunity, I would greatly appreciate being able to discuss potential employment with you shortly. I believe that the skills I possess would make me an excellent asset to your team. 

Morgan Thomas

Cover Letter for a Medical Receptionist 

Dear Dr. William Hope,

I am writing because I wish to apply for the position of Medical Receptionist, advertised on both LinkedIn and Indeed. As someone who has worked in similar positions at smaller medical offices, I believe that I would be a good fit for Hospitaliers. 

At my previous position at Dr. Deans Practice, I was positively praised for the service I was able to give to the patients with references available upon request. I was able to answer questions that concerned office policies, insurance filing, costs to healthcare, and appointment times — all while retaining a friendly and approachable disposition. Also, I was able to successfully collaborate with the doctors and nurses and assist them with claims processing, department heads meeting coordination, and timely medical supply ordering and re-stocking. I’m well familiar with common business tools such as Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Branch, and eHospitals System.

Because of my excellent interpersonal skills, I can provide the best possible service to patients even in a pressing and urgent work environment. That is why I would appreciate the opportunity to be considered for a new position at your clinics. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any additional information or request the contact details for professional reference verification. Once again, thank you for the opportunity, and I hope to hear back from you soon. 

Phoebe Radcliffe

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Receptionist Job 

To write a receptionist cover letter that gets the best response, follow the next steps: 

  1. Focus on your soft skills. A successful receptionist is cheerful but professional and has a welcoming personality.
  2. Include all relevant technical skills. For example, are you proficient in a particular telephone system, or Microsoft Office?
  3. Describe your past duties. These differ from one employer to another, so it’s best to tell what you already know how to do. Also, try to share a notable accomplishment if you can think of a good one. 
  4. Use keywords in your cover letter, and be precise. For example, if the job listing says 5 years of experience, find a way to use that exact phrase. It helps to ensure that hiring managers who are skimming resumes and cover letters will find what they are looking for.
  5. Edit and proofread. Make sure your letter is free from any spelling errors and other goofs such as typos, auto-corrections, etc. 

Remember: even if you haven’t worked as a receptionist, you still have a chance at landing an interview. Simply focus on skills and experience that you have that would be useful as a receptionist.

What Skills Do You Need to Work as a Receptionist?

There’s no clear-cut skillset for a receptionist and many employers are willing to take on inexperienced, but highly organized and motivated individuals with a strong set of soft skills and some basic software and digital literacy skills.

Overall, some of the common skills for receptionists include:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills 
  • Coordination and task management 
  • Dependability
  • Mental resilience 
  • Office software skills
  • Internet research skills 
  • Meeting and/or appointment booking software knowledge 
  • Basic customer service skills

To Conclude 

The receptionists’ cover letter examples above have several recurring patterns. Each one showcases:

  • Enthusiasm for working with customers and helping people
  • A roaster of organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Basic digital literacy and technical skills 
  • List of duties the applicant has performed in their current job

Finally, the letters reiterate interest in the job and a desire to move the application process forward. Use the above pointers to write a cover letter for yourself!

Updated on September 2021.

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