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Cover Letter Example For Marketing (+Tips For Customizing It)

cover letter example for marketing

As a marketing professional, you may be at a bit of an advantage when it comes to your cover letter. Chances are, you have great communication skills. You know how to make any product seem amazing. Well, in the case of job search, you are the product. So, it’s time to put your skills to the test.

Be careful though, this isn’t something you can phone in. Don’t allow your skills to make you overconfident. You need to write a letter that shows your qualifications and illustrates that you are a perfect fit for the position. You’ll also want to show your enthusiasm, and get the hiring manager to answer your ‘call to action’ by scheduling an interview.

To get started, check out our list of helpful tips for writing the ideal cover letter, and customizing it for each position. Then, we’ll follow up with a great sample cover letter.

Cover Letter Tips for Marketing Professionals

You customize your marketing to meet the needs of your customers. It’s important that you provide the same level of personalization when it comes to your cover letter. Here are the tips for doing just that:

  • Learn as much as you can about the company. Follow them on social media. Learn about their communication style, culture, values, and work environment. Use this information in your cover letter.
  • If their social media presence is limited, check out the company website. Read their media kit and press releases
  • Match their style of communication while maintaining a sense of professionalism. Show that your values match theirs and that you will be a good fit.
  • Identify both the hiring manager and the marketing manager who you will be working under. Address your letter to the hiring manager, but mention the marketing lead as well.
  • Share an example or anecdote that will resonate with the hiring manager.
  • Use data to prove your qualifications. Have you increased sales, boosted the bottom line, or significantly improved the number of visits to your company’s website? Show, don’t tell. Include information such as time period, percentage, and dollar amounts
Browse even more convincing cover letter examples to come up with that ultimate pitch for your role!

Of course, a cover letter is a cover letter, and certain rules apply to everyone. These tips will help you to ensure that your letter is polished and professional:

  • Mention relevant experience that you have
  • Use concrete examples
  • Edit your cover letter for grammar and spelling
  • Use a readable font with plenty of white space
  • Use keywords from the job listing and relevant publications. Hiring managers often glance over cover letters and resumes looking for these.
  • Use an acceptable business letter format.
  • Address both your soft and hard skills.
  • Again, you should write as many cover letters as jobs to which you are applying.

Cover Letter Example for a Marketing Position (Word version)

cover letter for marketing

Download cover letter (.docx)

Marketing Cover Letter Example (text version)

Applicant Name
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Recipient Name (hiring manager)
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Dear Hiring Manager,

I am sending this letter with my resume to apply for the position of Marketing Content Writer at Your Company. I read your job listing at MarketingBoard, and I believe that I am perfectly qualified for this job. Marketing Director and I are both members of the local chamber of commerce, and the Regional Organization of Marketing and Advertising Professionals. I am familiar with her work and accomplishments, and I would be proud to work under her direction.

For the past two years, I have done double duty as both social media manager, and content creator for ABC Company. I have embraced an extremely hectic schedule, and believe that I can use my abilities to manage my time, set priorities, and do whatever it takes to get a job done.

My duties include writing blog content, creating and publishing social media posts, editing social media posts written by other staff members, monitoring social media engagement, writing press releases, and writing ad copy. I am familiar with SEO, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, WordPress, and other marketing tools.

Since I began working at ABC Company, we have increased our social media presence from a simple Facebook account to a powerful presence across several social platforms. As a result, traffic to our website has increased by 25% in two years. We’ve also soon a 10% increase in email subscribers as well as a 15% increase in sales volume through our social media accounts.

I started my job at ABC as an entry-level, marketing assistant. I was promoted to my current position shortly after my annual review. I have adapted well to the increased responsibility, and believe I have developed many skills that I can use as the new social media manager for Your Company. I look forward to hearing from you, and would love to meet with you.


Applicant Name

Final Thoughts

Feel free to use this sample letter as a guide as you compose your own. Please pay particular attention to the level of detail offered, the examples used, and how the letter addresses the applicants qualifications, cultural fit, and their enthusiasm for the job.  You can mimic the same attitude by weaving in your career details. Remember: you are an awesome “product” and your letter should position you as one!


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