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The Finest Cover Letter Example For Customer Service

cover letter for customer service

The first step in landing an interview for a great job in the customer service industry is submitting an impressive resume and cover letter.

How do you define “impressive”? Well, your cover letter should instantly grab the attention of the hiring manager by demonstrating that you are a good fit for the position, and are enthusiastic about pursuing the opportunity.

And here’s how you can project that impression with your writing.

Essential Customer Service Cover Letter Tips

To start, your customer service cover letter should contain all of the standard elements expected in a well-written business letter. This includes your contact information, a proper salutation using the name of the contact person (research this!) and not a general greeting, a catchy introductory paragraph, a powerful summary statement, and a professional sounding closing.

In addition to this, your cover letter should contain “power words” that indicate that you have the required skills and experience. Remember that hiring managers often scan resumes and cover letters looking for specific words and phrases. You can lift keywords from the job listing itself, as well as from industry related articles. Years of experience, the names of customer service related computer systems, and industry-recognized training programs are useful keywords that often get a positive response.

As you write your cover letter, don’t forget about soft skills. Many companies are willing to train you to use their software and phone systems for example, but they don’t have the time or willingness to develop soft skills that you may or may not possess. Keep in mind that a good customer service professional has empathy, great listening skills, the ability to resolve conflict, and the ability to deal with angry customers without taking things personally. A customer service professional seeking a management or supervisor position must also show that they can motivate others, provide constructive criticism, and coaching.

Cover Letter for Customer Service (.docx version)

cover letter example for customer service

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An Example Customer Service Cover Letter (text version)

Margaret O’Brien
4702 Gerald L. Bates Drive, Westborough, MA 01581 | (111) 123-4567

James Bryant
Human Resources Director
ABC Corporation
555 Company Address St.
Company City, IL 55555

Dear Mr. Bryant,

I read your job listing for a customer service supervisor with great interest. I understand that creating great customer service experiences is absolutely necessary for any company to remain competitive. I understand that hiring the right customer service representatives is extraordinarily important and that hiring the right supervisors is even more.

I believe that my decade of experience in the customer service and hospitality fields makes me uniquely qualified to take on the challenges of this position. I have worked in multiple positions where I have employed my customer service skills both face to face, online, and over the phone. I have always succeeded in meeting the highest standards when it comes to delivering skilled assistance while showing empathy to the customer. I believe that customer service and support plays an integral role in sales and customer retention.

In my most recent position as evening supervisor of the customer support team at Major Retailer, I oversee a team of 10 on-site representative and 15 remote employees. We deliver both online and telephone support services. I also act as the administrator of our automated telephone support system the XYZ telephony 3000.

In the five years that I have worked for Major Retailer, I have been promoted from customer service agent to supervisor. I have also received two commendations for increasing the speed of which customer service calls are resolved by 5% overall, and for achieving the highest rate of support agent retention in the midwest. I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish working with the wonderful team I have over the past several years, but also look forward to exploring future challenges with ABC Corporation.

Prior to my work at Major Retailer, I held several positions that required customer service skills. These were largely in the hospitality industry where I worked as a concierge at both Hotel Chain A and Hotel Chain B. It was in these positions that I learned the power of creating amazing experiences for customers.

In closing, I believe I have the skills and experience needed to execute the duties of this position. I am committed to customer service, and providing support to your valued customers. I am confident that my proven leadership position will enable me to move seamlessly into a supervisory position at your firm. I would love to meet with you.


Margaret O’Brien

Final Thoughts

You’ll notice that the customer service letter above does several things. It outlines technical experience, shows that Margaret has many of the soft skills required in customer service, demonstrates that she is technically proficient, and quantifies her achievements.

You can use this sample as a reference as you write your letter replacing the details here with your own information. Feel free to combine our letter with a resume you can create from one of our many free templates the next time you apply for a customer support position!

Your cover letter still doesn’t sound right? Fret not. Browse more cover letter examples from other industries to get the wording right!

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