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Consultant Resume Example + Actionable Writing Tips

sample resume for consultant

If you work as a consultant you may assume that your referrals, business website, and portfolio are all you need to land your next contract. In reality, many companies still require consultants to go through an application and interview process. That means it’s a good idea to keep your resume up-to-date, and ready to be customized for upcoming job opportunities. Below, we have crafted a consultant resume example followed by some actionable resume writing tips.

Sample Resume for Consultant (Word)

marketing consultant resume sample

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Consultant Resume (Plain Text)

Marketing consulting with over a decade of experience helping DTC startups with social media marketing, paid ad campaigns, social media analytics, and conversion optimization. I have worked with many established market players including Away, Casper, Everlance. Consulting partner at 500 Startups, helping pre-seed startups with marketing and sales funnel development.


  • SEO
  • SEM and PPC
  • Google Analytics/SemRush/Ahrefs/Google Console
  • Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign Management
  • Project Management: Asana, Trello, Notion, JIRA
  • Email marketing
  • CRO
  • Content Marketing & Content Strategy

Work Experience

RJackson Consulting
Owner/Marketing Consultant
June 2008 – Present

Owner and CEO of a boutique digital marketing agency providing end-to-end consulting and ad campaign management services to direct-to-consumer brands in the NYC area. I have worked extensively with clients in the beauty, fashion, athletics and alcohol industries.

Key accomplishments: 

  • Developed an email sequence that resulted in $50,000 in revenue.
  • Helped increase organic blog traffic by 1300%+ in 12 months.
  • Created a 3-month content marketing campaign that increased monthly leads by 50%.
  • Re-optimized a product landing page that resulted in an 8% increase in conversions.

Digital Works Inc
Chief Marketing Officer
March 2005 – June 2008

Hired by the board of directors in an effort to avoid chapter 11 proceedings. Within 18 months under my leadership, Digital Works was able to revamp their social media presence, and restore customer faith after significant damage to reputation was done after an insider trading scandal. Established policies and procedures for crisis management. Hired and trained a digital marketing team that is still in place today.


Boston College
Digital Marketing And Media Ethics
Bachelor of Arts – 2003
Summa Cum Laude

Courses and Certifications: HubSpot Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing Certifications, Google Analytics IQ Certification, Facebook BluePrint Certification.

Understand The Needs of Your Potential Client First

Every good resume is customized according to the job listing and company culture. As a consultant, you should do something similar. Get to know as much as you can about your client and their organization. Learn about their goals and struggles. Afterward, incorporate the collected insights into your resume. Show that you understand their main pain points and have the skills and expertise to provide effective remedy.

Keep Your Resume Design Clean and Simple

Your resume should be straightforward and easy-to-read. Even if you work in a creative consulting niche, save all the razzle-dazzle for your portfolio. Choose a minimalistic or professional resume template that has plenty of space to lay out your past achievements and key skills.

Also, if you are working on an ad-hoc per-project basis rather than as an in-house consultant, it’s better to opt for a combinational resume format, rather than the standard chronological one.

Condense It to One Page

Even if you have years of experience, you’ll want to condense your resume down to a single page. Lead off the work experience section with the most recent and most relevant projects. Focus on showing off the skills that are going to be most valued by your potential client. Finally, remember that you can use your cover letter to provide additional context if you need to, and save some information to pack a punch during the interview.

Use Language Your Clients Can Understand

Potential clients must not second-guess what you can do for them. If your resume is full of jargon that they don’t fully understand, they won’t be able to envision how your services apply to them. Describe your skills, services, and experience in layperson’s terms or use the terms popular in the client’s industry. Double-check your finished resumes for any abbreviations or acronyms that may be confusing.

Use Soft Skills to Show Your Relatability

Do you have a highly technical specialty? Are you worried that your resume could come off as a bit intimidating, or that clients won’t find you to be relatable enough to work with? Don’t forget to add soft skills to your resume. Show that you are a team player, can communicate well with the executive suite and stakeholders, plus can easily adapt to become an organic part of the client’s team.

Prove Your Claims

You should start by quantifying any claims that you make in your resume. For example, if you help a client increase their sales, provide details. Is that before or after taxes? On what products or for what campaign? How much? How long was the increase in sales maintained? How did you calculate it? Be specific and add numbers whenever possible.

Provide Links

Your resume is a great place to share your skills and experience, but it’s just the start. Obviously you should link to your website, and any professional social media pages. You should also consider linking out to your portfolio, blog, even to customer testimonials for additional validation of your expertise.

Final Thoughts

To land the best clients, and command the rates you deserve, you need a resume that is on the spot. Follow the tips above to appropriately communicate your skills and talents to potential customers and close more deals!

sample consultant resume


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