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Being a project manager for any type of company is a job that demands respect, knowledge, and attention to detail. Only people with strong interpersonal skills, great attention to detail, and critical-thinking skills can do this type of work.

However, even the most seasoned project managers sometimes struggle for words, especially when it comes to writing an effective cover letter for a new job. That’s where we come in. Take a look at our sample construction project manager cover letter first to get your brain going. Then apply the extra writing tips to craft the best cover letter for yourself in no time. 

Construction Project Manager Cover Letter Example (Word)

cover letter sample for a construction project manager

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Construction Project Manager Cover Letter (plain text)

Dear Mr. Pulaski,

Thank you for taking the time to consider my candidacy. As the former assistant project manager of Drummonds Construction company as well as holding a degree in Engineering from Illinois State University, I have great confidence in myself that I will be an excellent asset to your team at Springville Construction. 

The attached resume provides further details about my employment and key qualifications, including my past achievements, which I plan to replicate at your company. This includes on-time and on-budget delivery of 10+ condo projects in the Bay Area, a 20% reduction in building material purchase costs through my established contacts with local vendors, as well as an average CSAT of 97% my team has maintained for the last 3 years. 

During my 10 years at Drummonds, I have developed strong negotiation skills and honed my problem-solving abilities. I was recognized three times as one of the “best construction managers to work under” by an anonymous company poll. Likewise, I have always found reasonable compromises with clients, who had shifting priorities or faced budget issues. 

With my illustrated experiences and skills I believe that I am an excellent candidate for the Project Management position at your construction firm. Thank you again for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon. 


Nick Briar

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Construction Project Management Role 

Your cover letter should draw the readers’ attention toward your most relevant qualities. It doesn’t have to be a condensed summary of your resume. It should be a “teaser” and highlight some of your key achievements and competencies. 

Start by creating a cover letter outline first, which focuses on two or three main talking points. For example, an achievement, one hard and soft skill. Then apply the following tips to add the polishing touches. 

Convey Your Enthusiasm

Use your letter to portray yourself as a future employee who is eager to be gainfully employed by the company in question. Talk about the skills you can bring to the table and finish the cover letter by thanking the person reading it for their consideration of you for the job.  Doing so shows that you know what professional courtesy is and will bring good morale to the company as well as an excellent skill set. 

Show Where You’re Coming From

If you have construction experience in the past, emphasize it in the cover letter. It’s common for artisans and handymen to progress up to supervision and management positions. What’s more, it shows that you understand better than anyone else how construction happens on the ground, plus can establish quick rapport with the team. 

Curate Your Letter to Who You Send it to

Always remember that the world is much smaller than you think and that while many companies do compete against each other some actually work together and you may never even consider it. Write an individual letter for each company that you apply for. If you dispatch a generic cover letter, it’s very likely that some recruiter will take notice. This is a good way to get your resume either placed in the do not hire pile or worse thrown into the trash. 

Illustrate Your Relevant Education and Training

Remember that a management job requires more experience and professional training. Some candidates may not have it (which is fine). But if you’ve obtained some of the prestigious certifications like Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Construction Manager (CCM), or Certified Professional Constructor (CPC), be sure to mention them both in your resume and cover letter. 

Final Tip: Check Your Grammar

The written language is very important for any business. While you may not be reprimanded or placed in the do not hire pile for the occasionally misplaced period or comma if your letter is full of grammatical mistakes, your chances of being hired may drop to almost zero. Take the time after you finish writing your letter to put it through a grammar-checking app like Grammarly.


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