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If it weren’t for civil engineers, our infrastructure would crumble. There would be no roads or bridges, railways, or wastewater systems. Or the space program for the matter! Civil engineers are amazing folks, hired by an array of organizations! But you already know that, right? You’ve worked hard to complete an intensive degree program and gain the experience you need. Now it’s time to land the next job in your career trajectory.

You can significantly increase your chances of landing a great job by composing an amazing resume. Here are some tips for doing that along with a great civil engineer resume sample. 

Show Attention to Detail in Every Step

Attention to detail can quite literally be a life-or-death matter in civil engineering. Even when things aren’t quite that extreme, an error that goes unnoticed can create costly delays. The last thing you want to do is leave the impression that you don’t pay attention to the smallest detail. 

This is why your resume must be impeccable. Pay very close attention to spelling and grammar. Eliminate all mistakes. Show working examples of your finding mistakes, making decisions based on data, and adhering to good quality assurance practices.

Use a Resume Format That Maximizes Space and Readability

If you are a senior-level engineer, you have picked up a significant amount of experience, technical skills, accomplishments, and education. That’s a lot to fit on a one-page resume.

A short-cut to designing a succinct resume (that’s still readable!) is to use a professional resume template. These create a “grid” for your design and help organize all your data on a single page. For example, a template that features vertical columns is a great space saver. 

Entry Level? Focus on Marketable Skills

On the other hand, as an entry-level civil engineer, you will want to concentrate on your skills that are most marketable. Create a prominent skills section on your resume and build the narrative around it. 

For example, if you know CAD software in and out, that should be a focal point of your resume.

Other in-demand skills to include are:

  • Civil 3D software
  • Technical reports writing 
  • AutoCAD

Emphasize Relevant Experience

If you list non-engineering jobs on your resume, try to highlight duties and accomplishments that prove you are ready to take on the challenges of civil engineering. This will allow hiring managers to see the transferable value in your experience.

This might include work in the construction industry, experience working with numbers, or jobs that allowed you to develop design skills. Use the job listing as a guide. It will have keywords to help you frame your experience in a way that is most relevant.

Resume Example for Civil Engineer (Word version)

Here is a sample resume. It exemplifies some great approaches to use when you are trying to land a job as a civil engineer.

resume example for civil engineer

Download resume example (.docx)

Civil Engineer Resume Sample (text version)

Career Summary

Accomplished civil engineer with more than a decade of experience in public works. Has an exceptional record of completing projects that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Proven track record I’m working within tight budgets while adhering to the strictest safety regulations.


  • CAD Software
  • Tolerance Testing
  • Structural Design
  • Environmentally Friendly Engineering Practices
  • Materials Analysis


  • State of Colorado civil engineering license
  • Construction safety inspection certification
  • Colorado Department of Transportation certificate of completion: sustainable design methods

Work Experience

Denver Construction Group
Public Projects chief
December 2018 to Present

  • Manages all state and municipal construction projects.
  • Ensures that public officials are kept properly updated as I progress.
  • Reviews and approves all designs submitted by civil engineering staff.
  • Conducting site inspections.
  • Creating blueprints and specifications including original designs for projects including bridge design and Light Rail systems.

Axis Transportation Consultants
Civil Engineer
July 2012 to December 2018

  • Produce Blueprints and other design documents for public transportation projects.
  • Successfully identified miscalculations that would have led to safety violations and significant loss of time and money
  • Assisted lead engineers in executing a variety of complex and high-budget Public Works projects.


Colorado State University
Master of Science in Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
May 2012

  • 3.8 GPA
  • Honors Assistantship
  • Research Assistant
  • Completed Internship Colorado Department of Transportation

Colorado State University

Bachelor of Science in Civil and Construction Engineering Technology
January 2009

  • 3.75 GPA
  • Dean’s List
  • Completed 500 service hours with Habitat for Humanity.
  • Featured in Who’s Who of College Students


  • Worked as lead consultant in the construction of the West Beach public parking structure.
  • Assisted the University of Denver in designing its civil and environmental engineering curriculum.
  • Inducted into the Rocky Mountain Association of civil engineering professionals as a gold star member.
  • National Transportation safety board civil engineer award for innovation in bridge design

Final Thoughts: Spotlight Your Certifications

In the field of civil engineering, certifications aren’t just a nice addition to your resume. They are necessary to attest that you have the qualifications you need and have proven your ability to work within industry standards. In many instances, it can mean the difference between getting an interview or being passed over. Consider adding an additional section for your certifications, or create a subsection in your educational history.


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