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Job search sucks. We get it. You spend hours sending out your resumes…and then *crickets*. Nothing happens. No callbacks, no interview requests, nothing.

You are wondering what is wrong with you? Are you aiming too high? You don’t have what it “needs” to land that job?

The answer may be much simpler. It’s your resume that sucks. Yes, that sounds harsh, but if you have just piled up all your career information in a Word document without following any resume format, you are probably getting rejected on autopilot by some HR software.

Let’s put this to an end. This free resume template may be called fancy, but it in on point and highlights the best you can offer as a candidate. It is should help you get past those pesky electronic “gatekeepers” and land your resume on top of the pile (even if you are in a super competitive niche!).

Download Classy Emerald for free! Add your personal information using Microsoft Word, and become one step closer to finding your next job.

Pssst… we also have a premium version of this template (for the price of two cups of coffee). You can check the details here!

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    1. Hi Dean, please note that you first need to extract the files with a zip extractor program such as Winrar, Winzip… Once extracted the resume template is entirely editable with Word.

  1. It is a shame you have the details embedded somewhere else. Many people might not have the zip extractors you need here. Should be clearly identified before asking to share.

    1. Hi Robin, not sure what you mean by having “the details embedded somewhere else”. Everything is indeed packed in a zip file in order to make the download more convenient and directly accessible from the website. Zip files are commonly used in websites that offer digital downloads.

    1. Hi Victoria, you will first need to extract the documents from the zip file. Once done you will be able to open and edit the resume with Microsoft Word. Don’t forget to install the fonts listed in the documentation to get the same look as in the template preview.

    1. Hi Nikolay, to be honest I have no idea what you’re talking about. The zip contains the documentation and a file called resume.doc which is the template and definitely editable with Word and not Photoshop. I would suggest to try again.

    1. Hi Lakshita, you will first need to extract the files from the zip folder.
      Once done, you will need Microsoft Word to open and edit the template.

  2. How do you extract the documents from the zip file? I’m not super tech savvy, so detailed instructions would be great! Thank you!

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