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Choosing the Best Colors to Wear for a Job Interview

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While you will understand why you need to dress smartly for your job interviews, you may not be aware that the colors you choose to wear with your interview outfit can have quite a profound psychological effect on your interviewer.

In fact, what colors you choose to wear can communicate a lot about your personality and the type of person you are. We all have our favorite colors, and we may not even be aware that we favor certain colored clothes over another in our personal choice when buying new clothes, but your choice can be very telling.

According to a survey of 2,099 hiring managers conducted by Career Builder, conservative colors such as black and blue are the best choices of colors for your interview suit, whereas orange was considered a no-no.

So, what colors are acceptable at an interview?

When you walk through the interview door, you want to make a great first impression, right? As already mentioned above, choosing a conservative color such as black, blue and dark grey are sensible choices, maybe even darker shades of brown could be a good option too. These colors project an air of professionalism and tell the interviewer that you are taking your job interview seriously.

While you may be able to get away with brighter colors in some situations, for a corporate, financial or business setting, it would be wise to stick to tried and tested colors that your interviewer will be expecting to see.

Creative job vacancies

There are exceptions to the rules, however. When you are applying for a creative role with a new start-up design company, then you can be a little more flexible with your choice of interview colors. Colors that signify more creativity would be orange, red, green and purple. These colors would be too loud for a more conservative interview, but can really demonstrate your individuality and personal style when applying for a more creative role.

According to the results of the Career Builder survey, this is what they thought different colors portrayed about the wearer:

Blue: the choice of a team player

Choosing a blue interview outfit can be a good move if you want to project a look and feel of confidence and trust. While navy blue is the most commonly chosen color for interview suits, it does seem to work because you are more likely to be offered the job if you wear navy blue.

Black: The natural choice of strong leaders

Interestingly, the color black can create a look of sophistication and strength. It can make you look stern and authoritative, so is an ideal choice of color for an interview suit if you are going for a high-level managerial position. It is not only the color choice here, but also the cut and brand name you go with too. Stylish and well-tailored names such as Yves Saint Lauren or Chanel seem to command great respect.

Grey: the choice for financial or analytical roles

Working with figures requires a person with great drive and focus. Choosing a grey suit can convey a feeling of competence, independence and self-driven determination. Quite often you are expected to be capable of working alone and grey has often been considered to be quite a lonely color. This doesn’t sound very positive, but it does show that you are self-reliant and able to work alone.

Brown: for safety and dependability

The color brown is seen as being very down to earth and grounding. Wearing brown for a job that involves safety, security and reliability can convey the right feeling with your interviewers. If the role requires you to be trusted with tasks or looking after valuable items, then brown is the way to go. This is why a lot of corporations choose brown as their corporate colors to create a feeling of trustworthiness. Think along the lines of UPS, the logistics and delivery company that are trusted to deliver valuable packages worldwide.

What colors should you team with your interview suit?

Teaming a white shirt or blouse with your interview suit can be a safe bet. White tends to go with just about anything, but white is also seen as a very organized and careful color. While wearing a white shirt, you do not want to spill anything on it or get it dirty so it can demonstrate that you are mindful and self-aware.

While you want to wear the right color interview suit to give off the right impression, you will also want to avoid simply merging into the background and looking like another generic job candidate. You can make yourself stand out from the crowd by adding in a splash of bold color that will get you noticed, without being too distracting to the interviewer.

Choose a yellow silk scarf to wear with your blouse, or a tie that has a red pattern running through the material can be enough to be eye-catching and leave a memorable impression.

Plan your choice of colors for your interview and you can create the best first impression possible.

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