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Changing Your Mindset after Graduation for your Career

graduation mindset

When it is time for you to move from college or university life into the real world of work and careers, the change in your environment can come as a bit of a shock to your system. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can adopt to help give you a smoother transition from one world to the next.

Practice good time management

One of the major things you will notice when switching from education to work is that more of your time will now be taken up with performing your job each day. This means squeezing things in between study sessions as you did before, such as doing your laundry, cooking a meal or going shopping for food and clothes will now have to be sacrificed.

You will still have all your normal routine day to day tasks to perform, but you will now have to learn to manage your time more efficiently and fit these tasks around your much longer working day. Weekends will now become more dedicated to catching up on chores and jobs that you used to do in the week, so managing your schedule to allow you some time to relax and socialize with your friends and family will be even more important now.

Realize that your first job will not be your last

Many recent graduates are so enthusiastic about their new job role that they enter into it wanting to invest their heart and soul into making a good effort. While you may be keen to create a positive first impression, you must realize that this job will may well not be your last. Whatever job you are taking on as your first, it may not be the perfect job for you and the only way to find out is to learn everything there is to know about it to build and hone your skills.

Remember that your options are always open and what you start out as now may be very different to the career path that you eventually end up taking. You may even end up back in education to train for something completely different once you have found your true passion in life.

Strengthen your relationships

Building relationships during college or university may have been useful at that time, but quite often you find you lose contact with many old college friends as you all follow different career paths or move many miles away for work.

Those stronger relationships that your forged that you know will withstand a lot of changed circumstances are the ones worth spending time on strengthening and reinforcing over the coming years as you find your feet and follow your career path.

Keeping a good support network of family and close friends can keep you mentally strong.

Knowing you have people that have your best interests at heart can also be very beneficial for bouncing ideas off and sounding out potential new job offers or career changes further down the line.

Embrace more learning opportunities

After leaving education behind and stepping out on your career path, you may well think that all your years of learning is done and over with. Actually, this may not be the case at all. Very many jobs, especially those openings specifically for graduates, may actually require a period of further academic study while on the job, or need for you to acquire specialist training before you can progress any further in your career.

While you may groan and roll your eyes at the thought of yet more study now that you are part of the workforce, you should actually try to embrace more learning opportunities instead. You are actually in a good position to receive more training or studying for qualifications because you are fresh from college and still possess good study skills and learning abilities. Plus, the fact that any courses or training that you are sent on by your employer will be at their expense rather than yours!

Change your mindset about rewards

As a student you would have been set task, test and exams that were rewarded by receiving good grades and positive feedback by your tutors. This can be a great source of achievement and satisfaction for any student, but when you start work you have to realize that your rewards will come in the form of your salary and any perks that are part of your job.

While you may not get a regular pat on the back or words of encouragement for the most part from your boss or line manager as frequently as you would from your tutors, you will realize that your efforts take on a new value that is much more tangible in the form of your earnings rather than grades.

These are just a few ideas to think about while acclimatizing yourself to your new world of work after leaving college or university. If you can learn to adapt your mindset to think differently, you will have little trouble adapting.

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  1. Embracing more learning opportunities is so important, and as stated if on your company’s dime so much the better! If there aren’t opportunities for growth and learning in your current position, I would advise you bring up the topic with your boss. Furthering your education can help you in your current workplace and in future jobs to come.

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