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How to Change Career without Earning another Degree

career change without degree

There are more people than you think who are in need of a career change. This can be as a result of redundancy and finding that the industry you were employed in is in steep decline, so a change in direction is needed into something new. Or it could be that you have studied hard for one career path only to have a change of heart, and now find yourself wanting to pursue something completely different.

Luckily, changing career paths does not need you to go back to school to gain a new degree. There are a few professions out there that are ideal for people looking for a career change who may not have the time or the available cash to gain fresh qualifications. Many positions can be trained for in your spare time around your existing work, so you don’t have to give up one day job while you train for another.

Lets take a look at some of the most viable options available that are not only interesting and rewarding, but can also pay very well.

Web Designer / Developer

You don’t actually need a formal qualification in computer science to become a web designer or web developer. A lot of these jobs are taken by people who have a great passion for coding and have developed their skills on the job from being interns. Some others attend intensive training courses or boot camps that are designed to teach you everything you need to know to land a well-paying position. If you want to train on the side while holding down your day job, then there are lots of free online courses you can take. Look out for online or Udacity free online courses.

Social Media Manager

Social media has been around for a few years now and is growing in strength and popularity year by year with millions of active users. If you fancy becoming a social media manager you will need to understand how to engage with customers and clients, raise brand awareness, target demographics, schedule posts, use analytical results and know how to subtly promote businesses across all the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. There are lots of online guides and free courses to learn about social media marketing. This is a great role for those who love using social media and enjoy staying up to date with new trends and technology.

Holistic Therapist

More people are working longer hours and living stressful lives, so the need for them to relax and take a break from all the hustle and bustle is great for business for therapists from all specialisms. There is an increasing demand for massage therapist, aromatherapists, reflexologists and therapists specializing in other disciplines. This is something you can train for in your spare time while holding down a regular job. Once qualified, you can then start to build up your client list until you reach a point where you can comfortably give up your day job and commit full-time to being a therapist. Most therapists are either employed by salons and spa’s, or you could choose to go self-employed and run your own holistic therapy business with your own treatment rooms or choose to run a mobile service where you go to the client. A lot of large companies hire massage therapists on a regular basis to come into the workplace to offer stress-relieving head, neck and shoulder massage.

Technical Writer

Technical writers are talented people who can take the most complicated of information and re-write it into something that is more easy to understand and follow for the majority of readers. There is a great demand for technical writers to produce instruction manuals, user guides and step-by-step construction guides. It doesn’t really matter what background you have, you will usually be able to find the right niche for your technical writing skills. Many people who have worked for many years in construction and engineering, or nursing and healthcare have turned to technical writing later in life. The added bonus is that they have such an in-depth knowledge on their chosen subject that it makes perfect sense to hire someone to write for you who already posesses these skills.

Wellness Coach

A wellness coach is someone who offers more than a personal trainer, fitness coach or nutritionist. They offer their support to their clients who are tackling all sorts of health-related issues from trying to quit smoking, lose weight, recover from illness or injury to avoiding stress and lifestyle-related health risks. Most wellness coaches are attached to doctors surgeries, hospitals, sports centers, private gyms, health clinics, recovery clinics and health insurers. This is a great option for people looking to switch career mid-life where they may have developed a passion for health and well-being and may even be bringing their own personal health struggles and triumphs to the table.

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