Career (Con)Quest Comic

Career (Con)Quest #9: Nobody’s Perfect

Strip #09 nobody’s perfect

Morale: Talking about your weaknesses is never easy. But try to keep it real.

You know, any HR can smell those lame replies saying that “I’m too responsible for my own good!” or “I’m the most perfect perfectionist you’ll ever meet!”.

No one’s buying into that.

But hey, you should not unload a whole box of imperfections you actually have either…

So the smart way to answer the “What are your weaknesses?” question is this:

  • Browse the job requirements once again
  • Gauge what type of candidate they want – patient or enthusiastic, fast-witted or analytical?
  • Consider what weakness you can reveal in this context e.g. being a loner is more OK for some jobs than others.
  • Mention that you are aware of this issue and work on self-improvement.
  • Be honest and keep it real!


  • Bangkit is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer and the stylus behind Freesumes Career Con(Quest) comics series. Over the past five years, Bangkit designed posters, illustrations, and storyboards for... more

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