Career (Con)Quest Comic

Career (Con)Quest #35: The Honest Cover Letter

strip #35 the honest cover letter

No legacy is so rich as honesty.

Admit it:

You did want to file such a brutally honest cover letter at least once in your life.

Am I right? 

Well, if you want to make a killer impression and become an HR legend (for slightly wrong reasons), not just be some applicant number 557204, this is a pretty solid cover letter sample to use as a reference 🙂

On a more serious note, though, crafting those endless cover letters, filled with super relatives, can get exhausting.

So if you are out of good words and positive thoughts, check out our growing collection of cover letter examples that are professional, on-point and can be adapted to a variety of roles and career niches.


  • Bangkit is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer and the stylus behind Freesumes Career Con(Quest) comics series. Over the past five years, Bangkit designed posters, illustrations, and storyboards for... more

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