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Career (Con)Quest #24: Staying Focused

strip #24 staying focused

Those “little things” can absolutely derail you off the track.

Staying productive during job search requires titanic effort.

When you are applying to jobs day after day, week after week, with little-to-no success, it’s easy to get side-tracked. 

But channeling loads of energy and time into the “little things” – over-obsessing with your LinkedIn cover photo, changing resume fonts or perfecting your email signature – won’t bring you much closer to landing that job.

If you have that “itch” to fix something, focus on the more impactful things instead:

…Or just give yourself a lil’ break and switch to other things before diving into another round of job applications and networking.


  • Bangkit is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer and the stylus behind Freesumes Career Con(Quest) comics series. Over the past five years, Bangkit designed posters, illustrations, and storyboards for... more


  1. To whomever is doing these comics,

    Please keep it up these are so on point and funny. One thing that irks me about the jobsearch are getting a recruiter contacting me with a great offer in another city at a rate I could do IF I WERE A LOCAL RESOURCE!!!! They don’t want to cover expenses or relocation., yet they expect me to be able to fly back and forth for less than the rate I get for a local gig.

    I know you probably don’t need any ideas from your readers, but if you could address this I and I’m sure others would love to see this addressed.

    1. Can hear you loud and clear on this one! It’s totally frustrating when a potential employer doesn’t show that small courtesy of compensating your travel expenses, let alone acknowledging that you can’t zoom in on-demand whenever they need ya :/ Kudos for your tip! Actually, our team really-really values feedback and extra ideas since we wan’t to keep this series as realistic as possible! So huge thanks!

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