Career (Con)Quest Comic

Career (Con)Quest #20: Spray and Pray

strip#20 spray and pray

Spray and pray” – a strategy some recruiters use to source talent.

And when you forget to customize your resume and cover letter to the job application, you are no better than these types.

Personalization and relevancy  – the two keywords of successful job search.

First, you need to find the most relevant jobs for you. Or if you plan to aim higher or change industries, think about how you can position yourself to be as relevant to the organization as possible.

Next, do not forget to personalize.

  • In your cover letter: use the contact person’s full name/title; drop a quick reference of some company news; mirror the organizations’ language.
  • In your resume: use keywords from the job description; re-organize achievements to better match the job requirements; list/remove extra duties.


  • Bangkit is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer and the stylus behind Freesumes Career Con(Quest) comics series. Over the past five years, Bangkit designed posters, illustrations, and storyboards for... more


    1. Well, there is nothing wrong with Warsaw and this has obviously nothing to do with any city in particular but with the fact that Sam lives in another continent which clearly makes the job offer irrelevant for him. Hope this helps clarify ; )

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