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Business Analyst Resume Example and Writing Tips

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You have the experience and training to act as a liaison between IT people and project stakeholders, be it end-users or external customers. And you are ready to take on a new role of the business analyst. Where’s the gap? Yes, you need to write a resume, succinctly summarizing all your capabilities in a single page. 

Even though you have above-average analytics skills and most likely you are also good at distilling important information, it can be hard to start analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. So we are here with some hotkey help. Check our bite-sized writing tips first, and then the best business analyst resume sample online.

Start Selling Yourself in Your Professional Summary

A resume summary is the first thing a prospective employer will see. So it must instantly grab their attention.  Hiring managers don’t read resumes in full. Unless they immediately see that it’s gonna be good and relevant. 

Thus, treat a professional resume summary as your 15-second sales pitch. Summarize all the key skills, toss in achievements, and mention your current career stage. 

Also, skip the resume objective section altogether. An objective is more appropriate for inexperienced workers and entry-level professionals. 

Get The Design Details Right

The key to a professional resume is to start with the one that is visually appealing, and easy to read. Your choice in font type, margins, font size, spacing, use of headings, etc. all contribute to that. 

Now, you can go through the exacting process of hand-selecting everything. If that seems like too much work, consider using a professionally designed resume template. This way all the work is done for you. All you must do is fill in the blanks with relevant information about yourself.

Use Technical Terms Carefully

It’s nearly impossible to write a business analyst resume without throwing in some jargon and industry buzzwords. In fact, the job description itself will be full of different technical skills that you should incorporate as keywords in your resume.

That said, you will need to use a light touch. Remember that the person reading your resume may not be all that technically proficient. So, communicate as a business professional, not a technical one. That will give the balance needed to ensure you are seen as someone who can bridge the gap between business users and IT.

Be Selective in Your Career History

There’s no need to list every job you’ve had. Nor is there a need to list all of your duties for the jobs you do list. Instead, be selective about what you disclose. If you have a significant amount of professional experience, eliminate the part-time jobs you held when you were younger. When you describe your role for each position, it’s perfectly acceptable to curate only things that showcase your core competencies as a business analyst.

Business Analyst Resume Sample (Word version)

business analyst resume sample

Download resume example (.docx)

Business Analyst Resume Example (text version)

Professional Summary

Results-oriented business analyst with a decade of experience. Have successfully completed several projects involving significantly and rapidly shifting business needs, including a $10M globalization project. Capable of leading operational assessments and business requirements gathering. Proven track record of communicating with both business users and software development staff.

Skills and Competencies

  • Project Management
  • SAP Solutions
  • Agile Development/Scrum
  • User Requirements Gathering
  • SWOT Analysis
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Legacy Systems Integrations

Employment History

Banking Systems Solutions
Business Analyst
April 2013 — Present

Served as the sole business analyst at a banking service bureau with clients across a three-state area. Accomplishments and duties include:

  • Reviewing business analysis reports pinpointing operational shortcomings
  • Reduced average project completion time by 20%
  • Testing and recommending business optimization and reporting tools
  • Identifying issues caused by miscommunication between technical and business areas
  • Designing user test cases to best reflect real-world scenarios

The Davis Group LLC
Business Analyst Assistant
July 2010 – April 2013

Worked as the assistant to the lead business analyst at a major financial firm, ensuring that internal users and technical teams communicated effectively. Duties were:

  • Conducting regular user meetings
  • Identifying points of contention between user requirements and technical limitations
  • Synthesizing information from one business unit to another to facilitate better communication
  • User requirements gathering
  • Software testing
  • Reducing bug reports by 15%


University of Idaho, Boise
BS Business Administration June 2010
Emphasis: Financial Technology
GPA: 3.72
Dean’s List
Treasurer Financial Student Association
Internship: Everett And Hanes Investment Group

Dawson Community College, Boise ID
AA Business Management June 2008
Emphasis: Banking
GPA: 3.5

Final Thoughts: Accomplishments and Duties Count a Lot!

Some consultants will advise you to list only your accomplishments in the employment section of your resume. For sure, you should give these a prominent placement, but balance them with your daily responsibilities as well. Your accomplishments showcase what you can get done. However, your daily responsibilities show that you are capable of carrying out the ‘grunt work’ of your position. That’s just as important in the eyes of a hiring manager.


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