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If you want to move up on the career ladder either within your current workplace, or through changing careers completely and taking a different route, it can sometimes be hard to get things moving. Make sure you don’t miss out by taking some positive steps towards boosting your own career progression.

No matter how frustrating it can be working towards your goals, nothing happens overnight. But by simply putting in the work regularly, consistently and effectively, you can move closer to achieving your career goals.

Impress your boss

This may be an obvious statement, but the best way to achieve career progression within your current workplace is to gain positive recognition from your boss. If you can look for opportunities where you can take the lead and achieve something good for your company, then your boss will give you due credit for doing so.

While taking all the credit for a job well done will make you stand out to your superiors, don’t forget to show credit to others where it is due. If you only managed to achieve what you did by getting help from others, make sure they get the acknowledgement they deserve too. Your boss will see this as a positive personality trait as they will want to promote people who work well with others and who can appreciate the combined overall teamwork needed to succeed.

Take the blame when things go wrong

Blaming others for your mistakes can make you look weak and selfish. Having the ability to admit when you are wrong and taking the blame for your actions at work can actually work in your favour.  Simply going along taking all the credit for achievements without taking the responsibility for any mistakes can make your bosses look at you with suspicion. Accepting your mistakes and making an effort to fix them will show your bosses that you have great deal of maturity and the integrity to stand up and make things right.

Doing the right thing and shouldering the blame will show that you are ready and willing to take on the responsibilities of a more senior role. Acknowledging your achievements as well as taking responsibility for mistakes makes you more likely to be singled out for promotion or management training.

Don’t get stuck in a rut

Sitting around doing your job day in and day out and expecting that your career progression will come naturally will never happen. Some people are perfectly happy performing the same job every day. Unless your boss is make aware that you want to advance up the career ladder how are they expected to know?

In most workplaces the competition for new positions can be strong. Unless you do something to make yourself stand out from the crowd or let your boss know that you are interested in working towards a promotion, you will most probably be overlooked. You have to make an effort to get yourself recognized. You can do this by either talking directly to your boss to make them aware that you are keen to be promoted, take on any available in-house training being offered, or demonstrate your skills by taking on extra work for the extra credit.

If you can take the opportunity to discuss your career goals with your boss, and they are keen to keep you on board, then they should be more than happy to help to keep you moving up your career ladder.

Never settle on mediocre

There are a lot of people who want to advance their careers that find themselves feeling more and more unfulfilled in their roles. It may be a case that you have been in your position for a few years and that you have simply outgrown the job.  It is all very well feeling comfortable and secure at work, but why should you settle for a mediocre career when you know that you are capable of achieving so much more.

If you are in the unfortunate position where your company does not offer any career progression, then it may be time to cut your losses and move on to bigger and brighter things.

Start off by making some plans. Look at what else is out there that interests you and see where you may need to brush up your skills or training to meet the needs for that new role. Learn as much as you can about the companies that are offering jobs in your desired field. Should you decide to apply for a position at one of these companies, your research will stand you in good stead for your interview.

Always be upfront about your plans with your current employer. They will understand the reasons for you wanting to leave and although they may not be able to offer you any incentive to stay on with them, it will be helpful for them to know to let you have the necessary time out from work to attend interviews. Of course you will want to draw some positive references from your current employer to use for your job applications, so you should always make the effort to stay on good terms with them.

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