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8 Best Resume Builders (with Features, Pricing, and Benefits)

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Resume builders have become very popular lately. Heck, you get over 65 million(!!!) Google search results when you type that keyword. But with such high popularity, it can be really tough to pick a good tool. I mean, do they even differ? How free resume builders differ from paid ones? And why do some premium resume builders cost $8 while others are $89? You’ll get answers to these questions and more in our comparison post. 

Best Resume Builders: Our Top 8 

OK, we couldn’t possibly check all 65 million google search results, but we still did some extensive digging and comparison to come up with the following line-up of the best resume builders. 

But before we jump in, here’s a quick disclaimer. We’d like to be fully transparent with our readers regarding the products and tools we recommend. Some of the links in the post are affiliate ones, meaning we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you if you choose to sign for a paid tool. But we have done an extensive research to provide you with an honest review of different resume builders.

1. Rezi 

Rezi resume builder

Rezi is a sleek, AI-driven resume builder, that helps you improve your existing resume or build a new one from scratch. To get started, you can import your data from LinkedIn and then use the web app interface and prompts to fill in all the important resume sections — work experience, certifications, education, skills, projects, and more. 

Once you are done, Rezi will generate a resume preview for you and rank your copy on a scale of 1 to 100. By clicking the score breakdown, you’ll get further suggestions for optimizing your resume for maximum success.

Free for 1 resume version.
Then starting at $19/mo or $89 for lifetime access.

Note: There’s currently a special deal on AppSumo with Lifetime access for $29 only (does not include resume reviews).


  • Intuitive, easy-to-navigate modern interface. 
  • Suitable for all types of roles & backgrounds, since the resume sections are flexible. 
  • In-built keyword optimization tool (beta version). You can paste a job description you plan to apply for and Rezi will suggest which resume keywords to add.


  • The pricing is somewhat steep and confusing. The difference between tiered plans is not always obvious, so it’s hard to compare them. 
  • Doesn’t offer a selection of resume templates or attractive designs. You have one standard style to choose from and it’s available only for premium users.

2. Zety

Zety online resume builder

With over 2,600 positive reviews, Zety is definitely one of the most popular online resume builders out there. You can pick among 20 professional resume templates, upload your pre-written resume to pre-populate the main sections or start working from scratch. The online builder is very intuitive and provides great prompts for making your resume stronger and more compelling.

$2.70 for a 14-day free document download pass.
Then paid plans starting at $5.99/mo.


  • Includes both a resume/CV and a cover letter builder. 
  • Supports both chronological, functional, and combination resume formats.
  • Real-time writing prompts and follow-up feedback from career experts and tons of free advice on the blog.


  • No heads up on automatic auto-renewal of the subscription. Unless you cancel your plan in 14-days, you’d be billed for a new plan.
  • The information about pricing isn’t clearly communicated and some users find it misleading.

3. CV builder is one of the longest standing resume builders on the web (and arguably the most popular one). Their website claims they help create over 26,000 new resumes a day. That sounds like a lot, but given the current unemployment rates and their global presence, the figure sounds feasible. 

On you can start building your resume for free, using their pre-made templates and handy tools such as writing prompts and pre-written texts for describing common duties. (Just don’t forget to customize everything!). Apart from that, you have an in-built spell-checker, loads of resume examples to browse, and an automatic resume summary generator. 

Based on a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot, it can be indeed considered one of the best online resume builders on our list!

Plans start at $2.95


  • Comprehensive feature set: you indeed have every tool you need to create a resume. 
  • Job tracking: the app can monitor select jobs and employers you are interested in.
  • Complementary cover letter builder, packed with similar tools for getting done with writing faster. 
  • Sleek selection of professional, ATS-friendly resume templates.


  • Doesn’t have an option to automatically integrate data from your LinkedIn profile to pre-populate your resume.
  • If you cancel your subscription ahead of time (e.g. in 3 weeks when you paid for a month), you won’t be able to access it any longer.

4. CakeResume

CakeResume builder

This tasty-sounding resume builder is a hybrid of a traditional resume wizard tool and a personal website. Using CakeResume, you can pile up an attractive resume in a couple of hours, using an intuitive drag & drop editor. And if you have some extra cash, you can expand your resume into an interactive personal portfolio website, featuring your projects, and customer testimonials.

Paid plans start at $7.95/mo


  • Transparent and affordable billing. Most core features are free to use without any limits. For a couple of extra bucks, you can unlock premium resume snippets such as embedded videos, quotes/testimonials, and 20+ more options. Handy for creating simple online portfolios. 
  • Multi-language support. You can create a resume in French, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese too. 
  • Professionally designed resume templates to pick from.


  • Free templates come with ResumeCake branding that you can’t remove. While it’s not prominent, it still somewhat undermines your resume’s credibility. 
  • Templates are not optimized for ATS systems.

5. EnhanCV

EnhanCV maker

The team behind EnhanCV found that job seekers usually spend 65% time on tweaking their resume content e.g. rearranging sections, improving resume length, toying with fonts, and so on. So they’ve decided to build a simple tool that would take over that menial prep work. The result looks pretty good!

EnhanCV is indeed easy-to-use since you can drag & drop most of the resume sections and rearrange them in one click. Compared to other apps, EnhanCV provides more interesting and personalized resume layouts. You can add creative sections such as “My time” or “Passions” or stick with a traditional chronological resume format.

Paid plans start at $12/mo.


  • Amazing iconography and chart building tools included.
  • Small, but attractive selection of resume templates. 
  • Comes with a native spell-checker, so you don’t have to blush if you spot a typo in your PDF. 
  • You can also book a resume consulting session with one of their career counselors through the website.


  • You can only email your resume to one email, associated with your account, which is a bit inconvenient. 
  • Current users complain about slow support via chat. Replies can take 3+ days.

6. Resumake

Resumake CV builder

If you want a no-frills, free resume builder, you’d love Resumake. Created by an enthusiastic developer as a fun side-project, Resumake lets you generate a fine-looking resume in PDF, TXT, or LaTeX format. You can pick among several minimalistic resume templates, use the web interface to type in all your personal information, and then save your new resume version.



  • Clean, non-distracting interface in dark colors.
  • Provides the basic set of features you need to create a resume online. 
  • Pleasant, readable font, and nice layouts. 
  • No need to create an account (or pay any $$$).


  • You can only save your resume in JSON format if you want to come back to editing it later on. Otherwise, you’ll have to start from scratch. 
  • No option to import LinkedIn data or upload a Word/PDF option of an earlier resume.

7. Hiration

Hiration online resume builder

Hiration positions itself as an “AI-powered ecosystem to assist you with the job search”. Basically, they offer a set of several job search tools — resume builder, cover letter builder, LinkedIn profile optimizer, digital portfolio builder, and interview prep tool.  You get access to all of them if you opt for a paid plan.

If you just want to use their resume builder, you can do so for free. But the functionality will be somewhat limited. You can use just one resume template, access 5 pre-written resumes, and download your document in PDF only (not Word).

Plans start at $18/mo.


  • The team behind Hiration personally hired over 800 people for their startup. Their resume builder summarizes the key resume best practices they learned while screening different applicants.
  • If you use a paid plan, you can choose from 25+ ATS friendly templates and get instant live reviews of your resume as you work on it. They also tout an AI assistant for writing.
  • A paid plan gives a good bang for your buck since you get access to more than one tool.


  • Since you can only download your resume in PDF on a free plan, you can’t re-edit it if you made a mistake or forgot to include something. 
  • Some users complained that the interfaces may seem confusing at times given the overall number of features.

8. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word resume builder

That’s right! You should not forget that one of the best free resume builders is Microsoft Word (considering that you already have a subscription/license for it). It may sound a bit boring to use…But if you grab a free professional resume template and start working with it, rather than staring at a blank page, you’d arrive at the same results as with a fancier, premium resume builder.

Free (technically)


  • Your good ol’ word processing software that lets you type in as many words as you like without any limits. 
  • You can export documents in any format you like without any limits.
  • Unlimited choice of paid and free resume templates available online. Check some of the best ones from our team!


  • Creating a resume in Word can be a bit time consuming if you are starting from scratch.
  • Easy to mess up your resume layout/fonts if you are not very design-savvy.

Wrap Up 

Is there one best resume builder to rule them all? We doubt. But you now have a good list of free and premium runner-ups to pick from! 

Just remember: creating a good-looking resume is just half of the battle. You should also make sure that your content matches the job requirements and succinctly communicates your core competencies, accomplishments, soft and technical skills. 


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