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How to Attract Employers Towards You

attracting employers towards you

Rather than spend your time constantly hunting down new job opportunities, wouldn’t it be great if you could actually attract employers to approach you instead?

We have a world with a very competitive job market at the moment so everyone can expect to spend a lot of time and effort on job hunting. However, it does pay to take some time to dedicate towards trying to attract potential new employers to approach you about job opportunities they have.

Think about Social Recruiting

To be found by potential new employers takes a few steps. While most people will instantly think about posting their resumes to online job sites such as Indeed and Monster as a way to get themselves noticed, it is very useful to target social recruiting opportunities too.

Did you know for example that 92% of recruiters now use social recruiting as part of their staff recruitment plans? It’s true, and according to the “Social Recruiting Survey 2012” by Jobvite, of those that use social recruiting 43% say they have seen a rise in the quality of candidates coming forward. It is also interesting to know that 73% of those recruiters using this method had hired a candidate as a result.

Some Ways to get Noticed by Employers

There are a few ways you can try to make employers aware of you and to get yourself noticed. Some of these tips may help, depending on what field you are looking to work within. Some of these you can do quite easily online and some will require some offline effort.

Create yourself a personal brand: You can build yourself a good quality online v-Card or profile site that you can customize with your professional information. The great thing about these sites is that you can personalize and stylize them to reflect your personality, set a mood for the information you are wanting to deliver, and create a lasting good impression on those recruiters looking over your online profile.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn is like Facebook for business. You can use this platform to keep connected with former work colleagues and old college or university friends. You never know when a job opening may come up at one of the companies they work for that would be perfect for you. Having contacts on the inside can alert you to opportunities before they are made public and may also help to boost your prospects by having a personal recommendation from someone the recruiter already employs. Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date with fresh information and having an active profile is also very encouraging for recruiters to see when they are conducting searches for potential new hires.

SEO Yourself: Making sure that your online presence truly reflects your background and professional qualifications will also help you to be found by potential new employers. Go through your social media profiles with a fine tooth comb to ensure they are completed fully, this includes checking to see if your LinkedIn profile contains relevant keywords that recruiters will use to search out potential new candidates. Make sure that your profiles showcase your career expertise and background knowledge to the full.

Volunteer in your sector: If you can take up a voluntary position or a place on a board that is related to the career you work in, this can be a great way to get you noticed. This works especially well for those interested in working for a specific charity. By volunteering for the charity you want to work for you will be building some valuable knowledge and experience that you can use to impress when applying for a job vacancy, but you will also be in a better position to take that knowledge and experience forward and apply it effectively.

Join Networking Groups: It may be possible for you to take up related networking opportunities such as ones run by your old university or college. Recruiters in specialized field will often approach university networks with an interest in recruiting graduates for their job vacancies. Even if you have changed careers once before, joining a relevant networking group online or in your local area can open up a lot of doors to new job opportunities that you would not normally hear about.


Taking steps to raise your profile both online and also in person offline can go a long way towards attracting new job opportunities your way. Making your information available to potential new employers 24/7 via your online profile is essential, whether that be through a personal blog, v-Card or profile site or via LinkedIn. But don’t forget to get out into the real world for a bit of hands-on experience that will also make you stand out to employers.

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