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Anyone who has pursued the dream of higher education knows that choosing the right college is absolutely imperative. Most people need helpful guidance when making this decision. That’s where an admissions counselor can truly offer life-changing help. They work with students to determine whether their school is a good fit and help them through the application process. This is a job that truly combines sales with counseling.

So, how do you land an amazing job as an admissions counselor? Begin with a great introduction! Check out our admissions cover letter example. We’ve also added a few helpful writing tips.

Sample Admissions Counselor Cover Letter (Word)

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Admissions Counselor Cover Letter (plain text)

Dear Dr. Das,

I am writing to you today to express my interest in the position of Admissions Counselor at the University of Illinois School of Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences. As a tenured professional with a background in agricultural business administration, ag science, and environmental science programs, I am confident that I will be able to provide prospective students with the assistance they need.

During the past four years, I have been working as the lead admissions counselor at the Elk City Research College of Agriculture and Forestry. Each year, I work to interview and process more than 5,000 applications submitted by students from around the world. I carefully analyze each application with the assistance of my staff to ensure that students who are qualified and will benefit from admission into the program are accepted. Because of this, the school has seen a 25% increase in student retention. The methodologies I have spearheaded have been adopted by other colleges and departments as well.

In addition to assisting new applicants, I also oversee several projects to ensure student success. This includes coordinating the welcome weekend at the beginning of each semester and managing the student mentorship program. Each of these things requires that I apply the following skills:

  • Data analysis
  • Communication
  • Coordination
  • Problem-solving
  • Empathy
  • Organization
  • Time management

I am passionate about higher education and helping students achieve success. Additionally, I have a strong connection with agricultural and environmental education as I used to be an adjunct lecturer in Agri sciences at the University of Wyoming. 

The University of Illinois has a world-renown ag program. I am very excited at the prospect of joining your admissions team. I’m available for remote interviews at your convenience. I can also arrange an in-person meeting if that is preferred.


Elaine Butz

How to Write a Cover Letter for Admissions Counselor Positions 

Admission counselors can come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are tenured educational administrators. Others come from academic or teaching positions, whereas some also move into the field after holding several corporate jobs in the industry. 

Therefore, your cover letter should first explain the type of background you have. Then elaborate on your core competencies and relevant skills, contextualized by recent achievements and career highlights.  That’s how the above letter is structured.

To create a similar version, start building a cover letter outline using the below tips. 

Provide Specific Details

Put yourself in the position of the hiring manager. They are going through dozens of applications for the position of an admissions counselor. All of these are going to contain letters from applicants claiming they are the best person for the job.

If you want to stand out, you need to prove it. For example, in the letter above the applicant mentions that they increased the student retention rate by 25% and that they processed thousands of applications yearly.

You should mention similar “bragging rights”. For example, can you think of the following? 

  • Increased student enrollment rates under your tenure 
  • Number of new international student populations recruited 
  • Quantity of university promo events organized (with some success metrics)

Include the above tidbits in your cover letter and resume. 

Articulate Your Skills

Admission counseling is a non-technical, academic position. Because of this, you may assume that a list of skills isn’t necessary. While it is true that you don’t need to talk about your extensive research skills, you still must present a compelling list of hard and soft skills

Relevant hard skills include knowledge of specific admissions, collaboration, and communication software the institution is using, as well as knowledge related to the college specialty (Agriculture in the case of the above example).

Your list of soft skills, in turn, should offer a good mix of organizational, self-management, andinterpersonal skills. 

Personalize Every Cover Letter

Even if every resume and cover letter you send is for the same position, only at a different school, you must send a personalized cover letter. Any recruiter worth their salary will see right through a generic cover letter you have sent to every other university. 

Take the extra few minutes to personalize each cover letter. Mention something unique about the opportunity, the school, or the local community. This will help you make a personal connection, and show you have done a bit of research.

Final Tip: Add Your Contact Info And Professional Social Media

Is your contact information up to date? Are you using the best email address? What about your LinkedIn profile? Give a potential employer plenty of opportunities to learn more about you!

Also, include other social media handles if you are also doing some professional work through them (e.g. sharing college admission tips and/or some thought leadership entries).


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