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7 Types of Accounting Jobs that Are In-Demand Right Now

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If numbers are your niche, your career options are wide open. Every industry needs people who can track finances, verify that calculations are accurate, and understand applicable laws and regulations. Even better, you can find a great job in this field that matches your interests and talents. Plus pays a good base salary with benefits. Alright, we won’t drag it any longer: here are seven types of accounting jobs that are in high-demand now!

1. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping and accounting clerk jobs are two excellent options for people who are new to the field. In most cases, you can land one of these entry-level accounting jobs with just a bit of professional training under your belt. That’s a great choice for someone who isn’t sure if they want to pursue a degree in accounting or finance. 

As a bookkeeper or clerk, you will often work as an assistant to an account or head bookkeeper. Your job will include financial data entry, verifying billing statements, and producing reports and financial statements for managers. In many cases, you’ll have the opportunity to learn QuickBooks and other financial software. This can make you more marketable in your next job! 

The average accountant salary in the US is $43,884 per year. 

2. Forensic Accountant

Did you know that some of the worst criminals in history were brought to justice by forensic accountants? It’s true! A forensic accountant is responsible for analyzing bank records, financial statements, transactions, and other documents for evidence of illegal behavior. 

Law enforcement agencies are a key source of forensic accounting jobs, but they aren’t the only option. People who have these skills also work for insurance companies, lawyers, private investigators, and financial institutions. That means that the job market is never stale for such professionals.

On average, a forensic accountant can earn $68,924 per year. 

3. Auditor

An auditor studies financial records, processes, and procedures to identify potential waste, fraud, even illegal behavior. An internal auditor is employed by a company to investigate that business’s internal departments. An external auditor works for a consulting firm and will be hired out to audit other companies.

What’s so exciting about this job? You’ll have the opportunity to see how things work in a variety of departments and industries. This is also a great choice for people who love to travel since auditing positions require extensive travel.

Your salary will largely depend on whether you work internally or as an external consultant, say with a Big 4 firm. 

The average base salary is $68,755 per year, but six-figure jobs are pretty common too. 

4. Personal Accountant

Have you ever thought about becoming an accountant for the rich and famous? Well, those jobs aren’t too easy to find, but you do have one exciting alternative.  There are busy, successful individuals who need help with their finances in nearly every community. They may not be movie stars, but they certainly need your help.

As a personal accountant, you will help your clients manage their personal finances, review bank and credit card statements, keep tax records, and ensure that any staff is paid correctly. That’s a nice option if you’d also like to meet some interesting people.

A certified personal accountant makes $53,735. But you can always pump your earnings by taking another client or some part-time gigs. 

5. Tax Preparer

If you’re interested in remote accounting jobs, consider becoming a tax preparer. Believe it or not, you won’t just work once a year. Small businesses and entrepreneurs use tax preparers to ensure they are on track all year long.

As a tax preparer, you will help people prepare and file their taxes. You’ll also show them the best ways to organize their records and to ensure they are paying just what they should. Many tax preparers get jobs with larger tax services. Others may work out of small offices, or their own homes.

If employed full-time, tax preparers can earn around $80,000 per year. However, you can also choose to work independently and provide fixed-price packers or hourly services to interested businesses. 

6. Staff Accountant

They say that you must learn to do before you can learn to lead. If you envision your future in the c-suite, consider starting as a staff accountant. This is a great entry-level position that you can use as a stepping stone to greater things. A staff accountant will work as a member of the finance or accounting team. Chances are, you will start assisting CPA level staff, even doing a bit of clerical work. Eventually, you may be entrusted with a variety of accounting functions.

If you are competent and show leadership skills, promotions may come quickly. Many staff accountants follow the path to management after a few years on the job. Who knows! You could end up as a CFO or Chief Accounting Officer. So always keep your resume up-to-date

Staff accountants earn $55,679 per year, but have great career prospects! 

7. Environmental Accountant

Many corporations are creating statements of social responsibility that focus on environmental issues. They are also paying closer attention to energy costs. This includes conducting cost/benefits analyses of any changes they have made that are relevant to ‘going green’. 

If you work as an environmental accountant, your job will be to track expenditures, income, and other financial transactions relating to these concerns. You’ll also be expected to report to other staff on the success or failure of various efforts. This includes levels of compliance and any unexpected costs.

Expect to receive a compensation of around $57,972 a year.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in accountant jobs that are both lucrative and interesting, it’s time to get creative. Find the niche that interests you, and find out what steps to take next! It won’t take long before you’re ready to apply for an exciting job with a great paycheck.


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