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6 Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs (That Do Not Need a Ton of Experience)

highest paying part-time jobs

Did you know that some 22 million Americans are working part-time jobs right now? That number is increasing further, following a recent downturn due to Covid-19. But what’s more important is that a lot choose not to be employed full-time on purpose. What’s the appeal of part-time employment you may wonder? Well, some people work part-time because it’s simply all they need. Others combine several part-time jobs because finding full-time work is simply not possible for them. Then, some rely on part-time work (or side-hustle) to supplement full-time employment.

No matter the reason, the best part-time jobs are flexible, convenient, and pay enough to be worth the effort. Wait! Are there part-time jobs that pay more than minimum wage? You bet!. If you’re willing to look, and keep an open mind, here are six reasonably high-paying part-time jobs. Even better, they don’t require a ton of experience.

1. Private Tutor

Many people find tutoring especially attractive. as it’s an exceptionally flexible positioning. You can work as a tutor online or in person. You can work on your own, or sign up with a remote tutoring service. Best of all, tutors are needed for virtually any subject or age.

Are you interested in tutoring college students in History or English? Great! What about teaching English to kids in Japan? Some companies specialize in that. You can even teach computer skills to senior citizens. In fact, skills-based tutoring can be especially lucrative. Some people would love someone to teach them how to cook, start a garden, or the basics of maintaining their car.

What’s the data? Tutors make an average of 17.81 per hour. That number can go up significantly depending on your specialty and location.

Ready to get started? Check our teacher resume example next!

2. Bookkeeper

bookkeeper with financial softwareImagine that you own a small business. You aren’t in the position to hire a full-time accountant. You don’t even need a CPA. What you need is someone who is good with numbers, and who understands QuickBooks or other accounting software.

This is where you come in. If you’ve taken a few college-level accounting courses, and know how to use financial software, you could find a well-paying job as a bookkeeper. You could even contract your services out to several companies.

What’s the data? A part-time bookkeeper could make 30K annually. Just be ready for some intense work periods. Bookkeepers work lots of hours at the end of the year and during tax season.

3. Yoga Instructor

Yoga can be life-changing. People who practice it enjoy better fitness, flexibility, and improved state of mind. What many people don’t realize is that for many people, working as a yoga instructor is a part-time gig.

Yoga instructors work in a variety of places. They can hold classes at community centers, libraries, even in parks. Some work as yoga studio or gym employees. If you’re fit and enjoy the practice of yoga, check out your options.

What’s the data? A yoga instructor earns an average of 24.96 per hour. Of course, if you run your own classes, you could make even more. This depends on your ability to draw students to your classes, both online and in-person.

4. Bartender

For some people, working as a bartender to make ends meet is almost a rite of passage. People who follow this tradition are actually onto something. If you are outgoing, great at multitasking, and love talking to people, you could flourish as a part-time bartender.

Many people who pursue bartending love the variety. At one bar, you might find yourself serving beers and highballs to drinkers relaxing after a hard day’s work. At another, you might be mixing designer cocktails with the latest house music pumping in the background. If this sounds like it’s your thing, get your bartender resume together!

5. Dog Walking

What if you could find a job that allowed you to get some exercise, and interact with some amazing dogs? You can do that! There’s a high demand for dog walkers, especially in major cities.

dog walker

As a dog walker, you can earn great money working on your own, or through a dog walking service such as Rover.

What’s the data? Dog walkers can make an average of 14.75 per hour. Of course, you can boost your rate by walking multiple dogs, or working as a solopreneur.

6. Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador reps companies at events, in stores, and in-person. That person you see on Instagram touting their favorite t-shirt or shake is likely a brand ambassador. The same is true for the woman who hands out free samples at your local grocery store.

If you have a popular social media presence, this is one of the more lucrative online part-time jobs you can get. Are you willing to spend a few Saturday’s traveling to local stores, or attending community events? If yes, then you can make even more scratch.

What’s the data? A brand ambassador can make 17.48 per hour on average. You can find a job as a brand ambassador by searching job sites for terms such as ‘promotions staff’, ‘street teams’, ‘merchandising’, or ‘event marketing’.

Final Thoughts: How to Find Part-Time Jobs

If you are interested in pursuing any of these jobs, you can get started with a modern resume template. This will help you ensure that your application stands out as you search for part-time remote jobs and other opportunities. Then, be open-minded and creative. You can find a high paying part-time gig as long as you are willing to explore what is available in your area, or for people with your skills!


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