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6 Basics Job Search Tips That Everyone Forgets

job search tips everyone forgets

There’s no shortage of tips out there to help you with your job search – we even have some here on the blog. But there are some tips that are so obvious that people actually forget that they can use them. They are the simple, basic tips that can get forgotten in the mass of complex, sophisticated job search ideas out here. Let’s take a look at a few.

1. Make sure you are an obvious fit for a job

Subtlety is not your friend when you are applying for a job. Instead, you want it to be ridiculously easy to see that you are a good fit for the job and the right person for them to choose. The key to doing this is with your resume – it has to not only be well written and relevant, but it needs to speak to the person who is searching for the perfect employee. Yes, you need to use the tricks to get past the applicant tracking system but then you need to lay it out for the human being who sees it next.

Simple tips for doing this include mirroring the key words and phrases used in the job description. Also, make sure that your strengths are in areas that are most important to the employer. If you find it a bit tricky to lay your resume out properly, don’t be afraid to either use one of our well-designed resume templates, or get a professional resume writer involved to make this happen.

2. Get away from the computer screen

The internet has become the center of the job search and for good reason. But it also means we forget about getting away from that computer screen and going old-school. For example, there’s no reason you can’t approach an internal recruiter to ask a few questions. This will put you on their radar and make you stand out from the online application crowd.

Do some research into who you need to speak to. Then find out people who can refer you to them and see if you can approach them directly. If you make a good impression, they are more likely to consider recommending you to that top person and meaning you move ahead of the online process.

3. Don’t ignore the importance of LinkedIn

Having just said it is good to get away from the computer screen, let’s return to the world of the online job search with one of the most important tools – LinkedIn. It is known as the professional social media network for a reason and for most job hunters, it is a compulsory part of the process. You not only want to be on there, but use it to its full extent.

More and more employers and recruiters are using the site to find ideal candidates so if you don’t have a good profile set up, you are missing out on these opportunities.

Making connections can also lead to referrals to roles that might not be open to everyone. So prioritize creating a great LinkedIn profile.

4. Don’t write your resume in permanent ink

In other words, don’t be afraid to change it depending on the job application. In fact, the best option is to have a basic resume set up like a master template and then personalize it for every job you apply for. The same goes for your LinkedIn profile. If you are currently applying for position A, then make your profile call out to them. But if this application fails and you start after position B, don’t be afraid to rewrite that resume to better suit that role.

If you are using LinkedIn, turn off activity broadcasts so your network isn’t informed every time you make a change. You can do this in the privacy and settings department. It is also a good idea to do this if you are connected to anyone from your current job just in case they don’t know you are job hunting.

5. Professional doesn’t have to mean boring

It is easy to fall into the trap of equating professional with boring. You don’t need to become a corporate clone that looks and talks like everyone else just to fit in. The truth is that you won’t bore someone into hiring you. They will hire you because of who you are, not for who you think you should be.

That means don’t be afraid to add a bit of personality to your resume. Yes, use those keywords in your resume and communications and ensure everything is well written and smart. But also add a little of yourself into it all. This makes you more memorable and increases your chances of catching someone’s eye.

6. Don’t forget the little things

Let’s say that two people interview for the same job. Both have similar resumes, suitable qualifications and are ideal for the role. After the interview, one sends a quick personalized email to say thanks for the chance to have the interview. The other doesn’t. Guess which one was offered the job? It isn’t a case of being over the top but remembering that being polite and using basic manners can make a big impression on the people that interview you.

If you are going to do things like this, do it within a couple of hours of the interview and make it personal, not a copy and paste job. And you may just be the one that gets the job next time around.

Stand out from the crowd

Because job searching has become so complex and involves so much technology, sometimes you can stand out from the crowd by being a person. Little touches, different approaches combined with well thought out resumes and CVs can give you an edge in any industry.


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