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3 Simple Ways to be More Likeable at Work

likeable at workplace

When you think about how many of our waking hours are spent at work in the company of others, it makes you realize that your work time is a huge chunk of your life that you can either spend being happy or spend being miserable. Part of being happy at work is having good working relationships with you co-workers. It really helps a lot if your work colleagues like you and get along well with you.

I bet that you know of at least one person at work that just about everyone likes. No matter what sort of mood the room is in, when that well-liked person walks in the whole mood of the place can be instantly lifted. People stop frowning and switch to wearing a smile and your day has been made just that little bit better by their mere presence.

We all know people like this, but what if we ourselves could become more like them? What if we became that someone who makes everyone else feel happy, cheerful and motivated with our cheery smile and our positive attitude? Want to give it a try?

Here are some simple things we can do during our hours at work that will help us not only become more well-liked by our work colleagues but also happier in ourselves too.

Take care of the little things

It is often said that it is the little things in life that matter. So doing small but meaningful tasks can go a long way to making everyone more happy in their work. For example, show someone that their ideas and input to a meeting was greatly appreciated by following up with a quick email thanking them for their contribution. Highlight one particular idea or suggestion and complement them for it. The next time you see that person in the corridor they will surely have a big smile for you and be happy to see you walking by.

Treat your co-workers to something inexpensive yet meaningful. If your office is forever running out of coffee, then next time you go grocery shopping, add a jar of the good stuff to take to work and share with others, or pick up some chocolate treats or cake that you can perk everyone up with. You will be remembered and appreciated for your kind gesture.

If you can try to pick up on and recognise all the small things that your colleagues are doing, then it will make your workplace atmosphere so much better. All it takes is a little bit of effort to notice what others around you are doing, which in truth you should be aware of anyway, then complementing them on their efforts. People will notice too, and in turn they may start to reciprocate by flattering and praising you on your efforts. It all makes for a happy environment where you spend a good part of your time each day.

Find out about your colleagues passions

You will find that everyone will love to talk to you about their passions and interests. Make your break times meaningful by grabbing a coffee and giving one of your co-workers a chance to get enthusiastic about their interests with you. Remember to listen. You may not have enough time on your break for an in-depth conversation so let your colleague speak and elaborate on things they enjoy the most.

The worst-case scenario here is that you may not share the same interests as your colleague, but knowing that you only have 15 minutes before going back to work will encourage you to keep going. In turn, your colleague will appreciate that you took some time to listen to them and hear them out. After all, what is 15 minutes out of an 8-hour work day? You never know – you may even learn something valuable from your exchange.

Tomorrow is another day, so you can go and find another colleague to chat to during your break. You may find two different people have a shared interest at work and never knew! You could introduce them to each other and then you will have made two enthusiasts very happy. A great way to spread the love!

Do your co-workers a favor

You know what will really make you more likeable at work? Doing your co-workers little favors, especially when you notice they are stressed, super-busy or are stuck trying to work out a problem. Doing small good deeds for your workmates can really help them out, but what it will also do is to make them appreciate your time and effort spent helping them. The next time you find yourself in need, your work colleagues will be more than happy to help you out.

You can see that Jackie is busy with an important phone call, but she also needs to get 30 copies of an agenda made for a meeting in ten minutes. Offer to do the copying for her so she can finish her call and still get to the meeting on time with the agendas. You notice that Tom is having difficulties formatting a spreadsheet. Offer to help if this is something you can do quickly and easily or send him some useful links via email to YouTube videos on the subject to help resolve the issue.

Become a master of the little favour. Look for opportunities to do small good deeds for others. Wherever you go you will be greeting with warm smiles and enthusiastic greetings. It is a great way to make yourself more likeable at work and a fantastic way of getting others to help you out of a tight spot too.

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