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25 Work From Home Jobs You Can Pick Up Right Now

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Yes, the economy is slow right now and we are likely entering a period of the global recession. But no, it doesn’t mean that all the good jobs are gone (for good). On the contrary, this “global work-from-home experiment” can eventually lead up to a growing acceptance of remote work and a rapid surge in work from home jobs cross-industry. 

The best part? Most remote-friendly companies are still hiring, plus the freelance job market keeps spinning. So if you need some extra cash right now, here’s a big list of legitimate work from home jobs you can pursue.

Entry-Level Work From Home Jobs

1. Virtual assistant (VA)

Get paid for helping other entrepreneurs or small businesses with their daily business chores. VAs can be asked to perform an array of duties ranging from general “office” work (e.g. answering emails/chats) to more specialized tasks such as social media marketing management, content publishing support, etc.

Where to find VA jobs: 

  • has plenty of active job listings.
  • Zirtual is hiring VAs to work EST/PST business hours.
  • Lifebushido is hiring VAs right now.

2. Editor and/or Proofreader

Editorial jobs require immaculate grammar skills, a knack for writing and great attention to details. If you are new to editing, you may want to lean into proofreading first and do some light copyediting for business and academic documents.

Of course, if you already have the skills, you may want to jump straight to Level 3+ editing and pursue work with authors, copywriters and perhaps marketing agencies.

Where to find editing work-from-home jobs:

3. Remote Customer Support Specialist

CS jobs require solid people’s skills and a great deal of compassion since you’ll be dealing with all sorts of customers all day long. The hourly pay for such positions can vary from $10 to $25 (and above) for tech support roles. Plus, you can often choose your own hours and work as much as you want to.

Where to find remote customer support jobs: 

Planning to apply? Check our winning customer service resume example with a free resume template!

4. Transcriber

If you are a fast typer and have great attention to details, you can work as a remote transcriber and earn anywhere between $12-$20 per hour or charge a flat project rate. Transcription may not be the most exciting job out there, but it’s an in-demand one, so you can always pick up gigs when you need some extra cash.

Where to find remote transcriber jobs:

  • Tigerfish is always looking for new team members
  • eWord Solutions agency is hiring for transcriptionists’ roles too!
  • Rev also has active gigs.

Other work from home jobs requiring no experience

  1. Live chat agent
  2. Online moderator (for communities and social media)
  3. Social media marketing assistant
  4. Personal assistant
  5. Blog writer
  6. Data entry jobs
  7. Search engine evaluator
  8. Online tutor (languages, school subjects)

Best Work From Home Jobs Salary-Wise

13. Software Engineer/Developer

Ok, this entry is hardly a surprise! Software developers have the best chances of finding work from home jobs (since there are plenty!).  Plus, the earning potential is really high. According to Glassdoor, senior remote software engineers earn $94,000 – $166,000 on average.

14. Data Scientist

Data scientists are in super high demand right now. Plus, even entry-level professionals earn one of the highest salaries in the IT industry. So if you have some spare time at hand, brush up your analytics skills, do several part-time Kaggle challenges and start working on your data science resume.

15. Digital Marketing Manager

It’s not just the IT industry offering the best pay and perks to remote workers. Remote marketing professionals can also expect high compensation, great benefits, and paid vacation.  The same Glassdoor survey says that remote digital marketing managers can earn $54,000 – $104,000 per year.

P.S. If you are a fresh grad, there are opportunities for you too! According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers report, these are the best remote marketing gigs for entry-level workers:

  • Copy editor
  • Partnership specialist
  • Social media assistant
  • Content writer

16. Online Therapist

Telemedicine is thriving! And as a result, more and more healthcare specialists can negotiate part-time remote work agreements or find supplementary work-from-home gigs with online portals. Online therapy, in particular, is on the rise since 98% of people have found teletherapy to be much more convenient than conventional face-to-face meetings.

So if you are a licensed therapist or a counselor with some free openings in the schedule, you can look for clients via the following platforms:

Even More High-Paying Work From Home Jobs to Pursue!

  1. Cybersecurity specialist
  2. Project Manager/Product Manager
  3. SEO specialist
  4. IT recruiter
  5. Accountant
  6. Training and development consultant
  7. UX/UI designer
  8. Copywriter
  9. Independent consultant

Wrap Up

Now you know what remote career options are out there and how to find work from home jobs. Apart from browsing remote and traditional job boards, you can also seek out various agencies and check for openings on their websites. Lastly, you can also join one of the popular freelance marketplaces and bid for projects there. Just mind the competition.

Happy remote job hunting!


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