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The 20 Best Career Blogs to Read

20 best career blogs

There are literally thousands of career and employment blogs publishing new and useful content every day, so it is no wonder that when you are in need of some inspiration or motivation to get yourself a new job you can find yourself wondering who to turn to first!

You may be lucky and stumble across a very good career blogger who writes useful tips and gives good advice, but sometimes you need a little more variety and different points of view to consider. So who should you trust to provide you with the right sort of information to help you find you next job, or gives you great inspiration to improve your present one?

Ultimately it is up to you how many career bloggers you wish to follow. You may choose one or two based on their personality alone or you may chose two more because they are working in the same industry as you and may be facing the same sort of challenges.

To save you a lot of time browsing and searching the net, we thought we would narrow down the search for you and point you in the direction of our own collection of favorite career bloggers. We have chosen our list based on a few qualifying factors; the quality of their content, the frequency of their posts, their positive attitude and their personality.

Taking a look through their blogs you will find an absolute gold mine of useful articles, advice, experiences, interviews and inspiration. Why not check some of them out today – you will surely find some bloggers we have recommended that will become one of your own personal favorites!

Job Search The BalanceNo: 1. Job Search (now The Balance)

We couldn’t begin our list without giving a not to this well-established site that has been helping career seekers for a long time now. Check out their advice and guidance about writing cover letters, interview techniques,  using LinkedIn, sourcing references,  resume writing, what to wear to interview and much more!

Ms Career GirlNo: 2.  Ms. Career Girl

Yes, the title makes you think that this site is only for the ladies, but don’t be deceived by the name! This is a great site for both sexes and is written by a smart young business woman who knows her stuff. Ms. Career Girl provides interesting and engaging articles about everything from starting your own business to relocating to a new city in search of a better job.

CareerealismNo: 3. CAREEREALISM

CAREEREALISM (career-realism, get it?) is a refreshing and exciting style of career blog. It is a very friendly and well-structured site with an added injection of fun. There are even free career quizzes to take part in and plenty of helpful guidance and counselling towards furthering your career.

LevoNo: 4.  Levo

This is a visually attractive site and has a lot of appeal for those who haven’t yet quite found their perfect career path. There is great advice and mentoring on offer here from further developing your skills to preparing yourself for an online interview and the right questions to ask your new employer on your first day in your new job.

Avid CareeristNo: 5.  Avid Careerist

This is a great site for executives who are looking to make a move to advance their career. The blog carries a lot of useful posts to help you brush up on your interviewing skills, Using LinkedIn to promote yourself, writing cover letters, networking for job prospects and much more.

EverCoachNo: 6. Evercoach

Have you ever wondered how the professionals do it? Well this blog is exactly what you need to find out. The blog features regular posts from world-class experts in their field offering a lot of sage advice. There is free training from industry experts and online classes to take to boost your skills. This space is a great learning place and can make you think more positively about what you do and what you are capable of.

Blogging4JobsNo: 7. Blogging4Jobs

This is a well-established site with a mine of useful information across all business sectors. The site has a long list of very credible and experienced contributors and plenty of quality reading material to keep any hungry career blog viewer happy for days! Great advice regarding; internships    interview tips, freelancing, gig economy, business networking, resume writing and using LinkedIn correctly.

Career EnlightenmentNo: 8. Career Enlightenment

A clever blog that is a winning combination of job hunting advice but uses free social media tools as leverage to help you find and get jobs through the power of social media platforms. Believe it or not, you can find a real job via Facebook and Twitter – you just need to find out how to use these sites to your advantage. That is exactly what this blog is all about!

Social HireNo: 9. Social-Hire

There is no denying that social media has changed the business landscape for the better. Social-Hire is a great place to go for information that covers every aspect of social media and how it can help both recruiters find suitable employees as well as prospective candidates to craft their social accounts to appeal to recruiters. The concept of social recruiting is on the rise – you don’t want to miss out!

Bulls Eye RecruitingNo: 10. Bulls Eye Recruiting

This is an interesting site. What started as a simple career blog in 2012 has since evolved to become one of the most recognised recruiting firms online today. The company offer a lot of help to prospective employees to find new professional positions, but their blog is chocked full of very useful free advice and guidance for both candidates and employers.

Life After CollegeNo: 11. Life After College

Many new graduates ask themselves, what will life after college be like? Luckily Jenny Blake is here with a great blog to help. Jenny has been through it all and not only offers a blog with plenty of useful advice, but also works with her team of experts to offer guidance and invites other bloggers in to share their own experiences. A place of great value for a new graduate!

Career Tips to GoNo: 12. Career Tips To Go

Just as the name suggests this blog is a fantastic resource for people looking to move up in their career and may want to sharpen their skills to get themselves noticed for promotions at work. There is plenty of free advice on their site for every aspect of career building no matter if you want to change your career direction, earn a promotion or win at job interviews. There are a wide range of topics covered here from communication skills and motivational advice to career planning and how to handle awkward situations.

Career SherpaNo: 13. Career Sherpa

Hannah Morgan is the power behind this blog. Having been there and done that in the business world, she offers all kinds of advice from how to dress for an interview to keeping yourself motivated while you search out your next perfect job. Hannah guides you through her proven step by step methods of improving your online presence to personal branding. She can even help you set up your own solo venture or small business.

Bubble JobsNo: 14. Bubble Jobs

This is a site for UK based digital and tech jobs. There are sections for different categories such as digital marketing, graphic design, SEO etc. but the site also offers a wealth of information through its knowledge base for those seeking to break into a digital career, and a career portal for graduates.

There is plenty of guidance about interview techniques, networking and resume writing.

Career RocketeerNo: 15. Career Rocketeer

A great all-round career blog that offers plenty of free reading material about everything from helping you set up your LinkedIn profile and advice about personal branding to how to conduct yourself during telephone interviews and tips for resume writing. The site is presented in a no-nonsense way and you can quickly find what you are looking for as well as some information on topics you may not have considered.

No: 16. College Info Geek

This is a great blog for college students who may need a little help to more effectively manage their study time through sound productivity systems. There is a lot of advice for students while studying but also tips and guidance about personal branding and getting themselves prepared for facing the job market after graduation. Thomas Frank is the blog author and through being a struggling student has taught himself how to set and achieve personal goals.

Kathy CaprinoNo: 17. Kathy Caprino

This is one for the ladies out there! Kathy Caprino runs a very comprehensive blog that aims to help career women seek out and find jobs that make them happy. A trained public speaker and motivational coach, Kathy has crafted a blog that is very visually appealing and easy to use. She offers up a lot of useful advice and guidance through her articles and blog posts. She also runs a free email newsletter offering regular support advice and free tools.

Career Hub BlogNo: 18. Career Hub

Career Hub has a full team of business experts on hand that specialise is everything from writing effective cover letters to go with your resume to interview techniques and building your leadership skills. This is a site for every job seeker from those recent graduates who are new to the job market to seasoned professionals who may be looking for a change of career or to advance their skills to help them gain a promotion at work.

Career AttractionNo: 19. Career Attraction

A great site for professionals who may feel their current job is becoming a little stale. Many experienced professionals say they are underachieving at work and therefore no longer feel any job satisfaction within their role. The advice available here is aimed to help those high achievers who feel under-appreciated and need to move on to bigger and better things and to earn what they are really worth.

FreesumesNo: 20. Freesumes

While you are checking out the above top 20 favourite blogs – why not check out our own site! At Freesumes we not only provide you with a great choice of free, stylish and professionally crafted resume templates but we also offer our expert guidance on how to fill out and refine your resume content. Well, we couldn’t let this list go live without a little shameless self-promotion now could we!

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Do you have any favourite career blogs that you visit regularly? We would love to hear from you.

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