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free professional resume

Looking for a nice design for your resume? This free template will give that plain document of yours a smart and professional touch. It comes with an optimized layout highlighting the most essential details of your profile for you to win the approval of any employer. It also has a trendy banner at the top which will feature your name and contact details and a special section where you can even include your photo.

This resume template is free but you can go premium with this complete smart resume set for just $9.99! Just click the image below for details:

complete resume package

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    1. Hi Logan, kindly note that posting or liking directly on social media networks will not unlock the download. You will need to use one of the social share buttons at the bottom of the post (the box with the like, tweet and +1 us) to reveal the button.
      Thank you!

  1. Is it possible to make this a two-page resume? I’ve tried to insert a page, copy and paste, etc. without much luck. I was hoping to not have to individually copy and paste each box, then try to match it up visually. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Thomas, the template has been intentionally designed as a 1 page resume. With that being said you might be able to duplicate the page by making a selection of the entire document (Ctrl + A), inserting a blank page and pasting the copied elements within it. You might have to select a special paste option to make it work. Good luck!

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